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feeling a bit bummed. . .

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Hi everyone.

I'm feeling a bit bummed right now and i guess I'm just looking for sympathy ears or advice.

This week back to work has been a bear not just because of vacation but parent/students issues at the school I work at. It never seems to end. Also I burst a blood vessel (somehow) in my eye on Tuesday and it just looks awful and I have to keep explaining it to all the students. I called my doctor and it should be clear again in 14 days.

my husband has to 'chaperone' a festival at the town next door so he won't be home tonight :-(

and Stoli seems pretty bummed tonight. I hope he's not getting sick. It has seemed that since I went back to work after vacation Stoli has been missing me and acting depressed and Luxor is loving it. He has been playing hard and I'm wondering if Stoli is 'losing' alpha cat status. . . .

I just want to have everything back the way it was during vacation - the kitties all normal, and me and my husband relaxing. . .:-( :-(
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Awww! I've not liked being back at work either. I hope things perk back up. Maybe after being back into the swing of things for a few more weeks things will look better.
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Sorry you are feeling so bad
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Aw, I'm sorry you are bummed.. I hope you feel better soon!
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Sorry your feelling bad
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This whole Christmas season has been a bit of a bummer season. I mean it hasn't felt like Christmas. I live in Ottawa, Canada wish is normally considered one of the coldest capital cities in the world. This year it has only snowed once and that was on boxing day. It has been above freezing for 2 weeks and I haven't broken out my Winter coat except for twice earlier in the late fall. I am also feeling blah because I have Bronchitis and have been off work for 3 days.

I think we all have a bit of the Christmas bummers. I hope you fee better soon.
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thanks guys,

i didn't have a great christmas due to silly family 'drama' (did you know that trama and drama only have one letter difference?) I mean, I didn't even get to have Christmas morning with my hubby. how lame. so then after that it was back to work - and it doesn't help that i've been flaking out on taking my meds. and then just a day or so ago stoli was all jumping on me and kissing me and it was so sweet. and since last night he's been kind of a loner. i know i'm just jumping to conclusions but. . .

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Maybe Stoli is picking up on your stress and unhappiness??

I do sympathise, had a pretty rubbish time myself over Xmas & new year, nothing awful, but just ... nothingness.... really, nothing of note happened much and it feels like a bit of an anticlimax.

I think the first week of the new year is always difficult - back to work and a bit disoriented, not even knowing what day it is cos you're out of synch.

Hope you feel better soon
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I am sorry about your eye injury. With the doctors care, it will clear up soon.
Just love on your cats. Maybe they feel your distress. I am married to a minister. Over the years I have learned that it helps to focus on the positive things. Every day we can swing our legs around and get off the bed and go is a blessing. Some days are better than others, but we don't have to look far to see folks having worse problems than ours. My husband is also a retired school teacher. Within two months, three of his past students, 30's age group, have been killed. He has been asked to bury two of them, and may be asked to do the third since that happened this week. All three of them were saved and ready to meet the Lord. Point I am trying to make is, focus of the positive. Your friends here will be thinking of you. Hugs and prayers that you will soon get rid of the doldrums and feel better.
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Hope all the hugs help. And we'll try and have some fun on here, to at least take your mind off things a bit.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Maybe Stoli is picking up on your stress and unhappiness??
That's what I was thinking. I know my guys can get pretty unhappy and stressed when they know J and I are upset about something.

and virtual hot chocolate with marshmallows, and some virtual catnip for your kitties.
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I'll need all the vibes, catnip ANYTHING if you read about Stoli's condition.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
I'll need all the vibes, catnip ANYTHING if you read about Stoli's condition.
I just read the thread... my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Sending lots of vibes.........I've been in a bummy mood lately too that I can't hopefully both of us will be back up and perky soon.....Grandma always said, nothing good and nothing bad lasts forever, so let's hope our worries end soon!
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