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Jordan has a vendetta against Lola!!

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Okay poor little Lola... our puppy has been with us for four weeks now and the cats are not getting used to her yet. Well, Baylee hides out all day so she doesn't really mind the dog but Jordan... Jordan likes to torment Lola!

We keep Lola on a leash whenever she's loose in the house and she tries to play with Jordan... naturally we don't let her. But Jordan likes to bop her on the head, sometimes he'll run at her to bop her on the head for no reason.

His latest trick? When she's in her room (a puppy safe bathroom while we crate train her) he'll stick his paws under the door and try to mess with her, causing her to bark and get all riled up.

What can we do? Well, first off, what can we do with him messing with her door? I was thinking maybe we could put something on the outside of the door that he wouldn't like - but what? And what can I do to get him more used to her?
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I think Jordan is just trying to show Lola that he's the boss. It took a few months for Tiger to like Tasha when we brought her home. I'm not sure of any active advice, but hang in there, with time it should get better!
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What kind of puppy? And how long has the puppy been in the house. When we bought Charlie home, he stayed in the library room for about a day before introducing him to Keno (our lab). While Keno's 4 yrs old and likes cats, I think this is the first time Charlie's seen a dog but he was not really afraid. We allowed the dog/cat to meet with no problems.

Yes Charlie will tease the dog; so does Ling. I don't see why you are still separating the dogs and cats - the longer you keep them separate, the longer it will take. Just keep puppy on a leash and let them work it out. Only if the puppy goes to bite, should you worry.

BTW be sure all nails are cut on the cats.
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Puppy is a Chihuahua mix (we think with Jack Russell Terrier) and she's been in the house for 4 weeks... she's 11 weeks old, fyi. I'm not separating them per se, but if she tries to chase him, we don't let her with the leash. Should we not do that?

Other than that, the cats have free reign of the house, as always... just Lola is always by our side because a) we have a few rooms we can't close off due to the structure of the house and b) she's still not house trained.
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