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two ?'s - @ cat trees+missing hair on face

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So, the important one first.....Fiona has a bald spot around just one of her whiskers. No other sign of baldness anywhere else. Should i be concerned? I worry about her because i have only had her for a month and 3 days and she came from a shelter...so who knows what could be going on. The vet didn't notice anything when i went 3 weeks ago.....this has only appeared the last weekend. She has herpes virus....could it be from this??

Also, on cat trees....i am driving my sister crazy with how much time i am spending searching for a nice tree. LOL My cat loves sisal.....alot only have carpet. i am looking to spend no more than $200...any suggestions? I only have the one kitty but she is VERY active .....an acrobat! Thanks for any suggestions!
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I'm going to get one from here:


Found it on this board, it was one of the ads

Or you can try ebay..they have good deals there. Yes the shipping is high but if you get the item low enough, you pay less in the end.
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Could the bald spot be feline acne? Do you use plastic food bowls?
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If the bald spot is round it could be ring worm.

As far as cat trees go, I bought my 3 from here..
http://www.armarkat.com/60.htm They have free shipping!

Good luck!
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Thanks everyone! I will look at your sites you posted and also check up on ringworm....i certainly hope it isn't that! poor thing!! she has another one on the exact same spot..other side of face.
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and some from my kits to Miss Fi, hope it can be sorted soon !

Good luck with Cat Tree hunting
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Awesome sites for cat trees! and free shipping too! so excited!

also, Fi has developed another bald spot on her other cheek same spot as other side. I believe it is from her eyes watering and her cleaning them...wearing it down. There is no sign of redness or crustiness or irratation of any sort. So I am not worried. yet...will keep and eye out for any further developments.
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I bought mine from spoilmykitty.com and they also have a clause for a paws program. They take a small % of the sale and donate it to the shelter of your choice.
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