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Cat losing weight, vomiting...

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Took my 3? yr old in to the vet for vomiting issues and peeing outside the litter box. They weighed her and she'd lost 2 pounds since her last visit about 18 mos ago. Now she's about 6 lbs.

Did lots of tests, and blood work, urinalisis, everything came back normal. Spent $500 for them to tell us it might just be stress. They gave us anti-nausea pills, antidepressant, Feliway diffuser, "bland" i/d wet food, anti-nausea and rehydration shots.

It's been four days, and cat is still vomiting. Peeing stopped, though -- although it stopped before we'd given her any meds.

What can I do? I don't want to spend another $500!
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Call and get the test results .. Possibley a second opinion??

Uti??? comes to my mind
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Not typical symptoms for UTI. Talk to your vet about doing an internet consult with a cat-only vet or contact the local veterinary college. Your cat needs a second opinion, someone with wiser eyes than what is looking at her now.
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What did they mean about "stress" did they give you any clues about what might be causing the stress and how to eliminate the stress factors, other than medical intervention ?
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I would definitely get a second opinion. If you can't take the cat to another vet right away, at least call one and tell them what has been done, meds given, what the other vet said, etc. Maybe they can at least tell you if they think the cat should be brought in. Poor little kitty, I hope she feels better soon.
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Sorry to hear about your Kitty.

Reeses recently had a problem where she was throwing up almost daily, atleast once. She visited the vet twice. The first time she had a slightly high fever and they gave her antibiotics and fluids, and that helped for about a week. Then we got her spayed and the day after she started throwing up again. They gave her antibiotics again and it didn't help. She also lost a pound in just a few weeks since the first checkup she had after we got her, and seeing as she weighs 7lbs that's not good. So 2 blood tests were ordered which found nothing. The vet wound up giving her Prednizone because she thought it may be some sort of inflamation. Whether it was or not, she stopped throwing up after taking it and has been fine since.
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may be a food allergy? or constipation? my cat would vomit practically every other day until we switched her dry food. best wishes, and sending 'no more vomiting' vibes to your kitty.
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Any update???
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I feel so bad writing this but you may want to get an ultrasound or xray. These diagnostic tools can help more than bloodwork can ever help (very different from us humans). I don't buy the whole "stress" thing. I would switch vets. I say this from experience. I had a vet I trusted tell me my kitties were fine because of the way they were sitting and interacting and guess what, both were sick. One had renal failure and breast cancer, the other has a tumor on her heart and lymphoma. Just because they are vets doesn't mean they always know what they are talking about. You trust your gut- there is a reason why your baby doesn't feel good. If you can swing it, try a different vet. Do some research on the internet first to see if you can find a vet in your area that has good reviews....then take your sweetie in. I wish you all the luck in the world. Just to reinterate, the one thing I have learned, trust your instinct and don't buy "canned answers" about your babies. Just like we feel sick and there is normally a reason, the same thing goes for kitties. You are in my prayers.

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