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Baby Birds

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Here is a picture of the latest entertainment for our kitties. The picture is of a mother dove with her 2 babies nesting in the "leaves" of a palm tree. They are nested right outside of our balcony on the second floor of our apartment. If there was not a screen I could reach out and touch them...and of course so could the kitties Sure gives the cats something to look during the day!!!
The baby that you can see in the picture is nestled under the chin of the mother. The baby is speckled grey so she is kinda hard to see. The baby's head is just to the right of the mothers chest. You may be able to make out the beak and eye. Sooo cute!!! There is actually another baby under the mother that we can see when the mother leaves the nest.
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How cute is that? It's gonna drive kitties crazy. LOL
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Oh I love Doves! How beautiful!!!
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Kitty TV! Entertainment for both you and the kitties, although very different thoughts going on when you watch them.

We just got Kitty TV when we moved to our new place. We live on the second floor and there are trees outside our windows with the cutest little birds and squirrels. Every morning, I go out to the living room and there is a kitty in each window bird watching.
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There are 2 babies and one of them is a little bigger than the other. The bigger one is practicing flying now. He stands on the edge and flaps his wings really hard and then sits back down Pretty soon he will be flying!!!
Oh, is kitty tv cool??? What is it exactly, I have heard about it but now sure what it is.

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That is really special. I'll bet you have all enjoyed the experience!
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I was refering to the great show outside your window, and my window, that the kitties love to watch for hours on end. We never had birds outside our windows before, so my kitties are enthralled with them now.
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Ginger, it's great you have kitty birdie TV! I pay top dollar for very expensive toys for my little furbabies and they enjoy the packaging far more!
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