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Diarrhea Problem

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First off...
Both of my kitties have been eating the Castor & Pollux kitten (petco brand) for over a month now. The crude fat is the same for adult 16% min but the crude protein is higher 38% min - adult is 31% min.
Sho was eating Maxximum indoor then Castor & Pollux adult before we got the kitten.

Last night the kitten got diarrhea, now today the cat has it as well. The only thing I have changed in the diet lately is earlier this week they both ate some cans of blue spa, those ran out and it was back to fancy feast and meow mix wet. I'm over 100 miles away from a petsmart and petco and trying to find something they'll both eat and won't make the kitten have horrible gas...

Nutro canned was a no go, kitten got diarrhea a couple hours after eating it and smelled like rotten eggs

Is it just the switch in canned causing this? My cat Sho has never had diarrhea from eating different brands of canned before.

As for the kitten Tomas's farting problem... I already asked the vet about this and she suggested it might be chicken? But when I told her what I was feeding and why (Iams gave Sho a bald spot and caused horrible shedding along with occasional throwing up) she stopped trying to suggest the Eukanuba she sells. Also the smell was less when he was eating a higher quality wet, so I suspect some of the problem is just that.

Both cats are going to the vet tomorrow for unrelated issues, I will however ask her to check the kitten for worms. He was wormed with his intial visit but that was with revolution. Maybe that didn't get them all and could be causing his awful smell and this diarrhea in both of them now?

I repeat, before anyone suggests vet appointment, they're both going to the vet tomorrow and I will ask her about this, but I want to be prepared and have some suggestions incase she tries to push Eukanuba again.

As for tonight, behavior, activity level, and appetite are normal, both are drinking plenty of water as well.
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Something to keep in mind is that Revolution does not eliminate Tapeworms. My vet prefers us to use Revolution for worm control also and the last time I had Stinker in suspecting he still had worms I was right. (I hadn't dosed them with flea stuff since it's winter), so the vet told me to put them all back on the Revolution for a couple months at least and that should clear them up.

I also want to mention that when I had a stinky gas and diahrrea problem with Boo, not only did she have a bacterial infection two of my others did as well.

I hope your vet can pin it down quickly and get your little kits back to normal. Sending vibes and hugs for you, Sho & Tomas.
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Thanks for mentioning it could possibly be bacterial, I'll make sure to question the vet about this. It certainly makes sense that the kitten could have transmitted something to the cat, they're practically inseparable.
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gassy cats and kittens ... common ingrdiants : wheat( rye and barley) , corn , soy , chicken , lamb and beef ....

I second a worm and bacteria check .... is the baby on a probiotic??
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Yes, the food contains lactobacilus acidophilus
Also - Dried Aspergilus Niger Fermentaion Extract, Dried Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract and Yeast Culture (Saccharomyes Cerevisiae)

I'm familar with lactobacilus acidophilus, but not the others listed, information I came across looking them up and sources.

Bacillus Subtilis seems to be to help break down grains "beta-linked glucose polymers"
Aspergilus Niger - same
Trichoderma Longibrachiatum - again the same, used to help digest wheat (Castor and Pollux doesn't have wheat but it does have barley)
Yeast Culture (Saccharomyes Cerevisiae) - used to increase digestive capabilities

Most of this relates to livestock feed but the uses are universal.
Do note that other higher end dry cat foods contain these as well.
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The kitten could have IBS, (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). My cat has that. I had to awitch to a food that was for sensitive stomachs, It was hard food though. I also have to give her half of pill each day. I am pretty sure the vet will know. Good luck. I hope the kittie feel better soon.
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