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Adopting to Seniors

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Hello, I have been rescuing cats and kittens for many, many years. I have found that older people who are widows or widowers are the ones most in need of a companion, and a cat is the best companion for the elderly. I always screen anyone who wants to adopt, and do extensive followup after the cat/kitten is put into a new home. I take great pains to make sure that there is a family member who can assume the responsibility of the pet in case it outlives its new person. I wonder how many cat lovers care enough to be of real service to the cat population, and to our Senior Citizens? I am a Senior myself, and have known the absolute affection and love of many cats over my lifetime. I could not imagine a life without several cats in it. My oldest daughter who is 53, has promised, not only to take my cats if need be, but to follow in my footsteps and continue to help Seniors find a companion cat. I have truly found my calling, and almost a full time job in caring for the abandonded and unwanted.
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You angel you, and i couldnt agree more that cats can be great company to senior people I hope your able to help the elderly find a companion kitty for many years to come
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That is a great thing that you do. I believe cats are the best pet for seniors too. they don't have to walk them and they love unconditionally.
I wish you all the best with the work that you do. It's a wonderful cause.
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As Susan said, you're truly an angel to the kitties and for seniors who can benefit from the companionship of a furry friend. The small TNR group that I used to volunteer with was great about adopting to seniors. All we asked is that they had a backup in place to care for the cat in the event something happened to them.

My own sweet, shy Claire was originally adopted by an older priest who had the patience to bring her out of her shell when no else could. Although we'd hoped they'd have many happy years together, the priest passed away unexpectedly only six months after adopting Claire. Even though their time together was short, Claire brought this kind man so much joy and he loved sharing stories about his beloved cat. A fellow priest, who discovered that he had quietly passed away at home, said Claire was at his side.

Since I was his backup, I'm now blessed to have this sweet, beautiful cat in my life. Claire is just one example of how cats (or any pet) can bring happiness, companionship and love to a senior. I've seen it happen often and am truly grateful for your efforts to bring homeless kitties and seniors together. It's a wonderful thing!
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We have adopted cats to seniors too, we do make sure that there is back up within the family, not just for if something happens, but to make sure that the owner will be able to get food, litter and vet care. I do agree that it can make the world of difference to a senior person, and I am glad we do it.
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WOO-HOO for all the rescuers!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome!
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What a wonderful thing that you are doing! I know that many seniors are very lonely and cats are perfect companions for them. How wonderful that you make sure that there is someone there to give the cats a home if they outlive their owners! I don't know how many times I have seen unfortunate cats in the Humane Society that are there because their elderly owners have passed away and no one in the family is willing to take them. It's heartbreaking to see them, because they are mourning too, and frightened!
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I'm all for seniors rescuing cats. I do however, think it is wise a trust is taken out for them, plans for their future, and older cats most ppl dont want should be rescued first (unless circumstances dont allow).

My parents are getting up in years and they do no wish to get a young cat (their last one lived to over 20) b/c they fear what will happen to the cat if they die or are infirm.

For this reason, I stress to the seniors I help care for and my parents, to look for fostering options - instead of mandatory lifelong commitments.
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IT would be nice to place senior cats with senior people - the only prob is the extra expense that can be involved with them (but we will help towards vet bills for oldies as long as our vet is used and we are consulted first).

Fostering is prob a good route for some of them, the only thing you do have to watch when stressing to people is that fostering isn't for everyone, not everyone can deal with the fact that these cats will come and go, and might get too emotionally involved .
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