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new rescued kitty! Hi! My name is Fiona

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Hi everyone! What a great forum! Thanks for being here.

My cat Fiona is about a year and a half old. I got her on dec. 1st from a local shelter. One of the shelter women said her nephew had tried to save this beautiful cat a few times. She couldn't believe it when she saw her being brought in by someone else!

She was in a house with a bunch of animals, infested with fleas so badly that the neighbors moved when they migrated next door. She had two litters under the age of 1. The shelter womans nephew had tried to get her when she was pregnant the first time, he was only able to get the kittens. Unsuccessful the second time around too, with her kittens also

The neighbor down the way took her in and thats where she stayed till she had her shots and got her infestation under control. She has herpes and her eye has a sequestrum on it. Her opthamologists said it isn't deep and should come off by itself. Heres hoping it doesn't start to bother her

But she is sooooooo sweet, sassy too But thats my Fiona! She is so energetic, she is living her kittenhood again! She will actually bring me her bizzy ball in her mouth for me to throw her! So stinkin' cute! I can't take it! LOL Love her to bits!

When we (me and my sister whom i share an apartment with) went to the shelter we were looking for a dog becuase my sister was afraid of getting a cat for many reasons-the most suprising to me becuase she had never shared it before- was that she is afraid of getting bit or scratched.

But, she saw Fiona....we went over and she immediately started to purr and wanted to be petted. (Fiona-not my sister ) LOL She looked pretty bad because her eye was healing from having a bit of it scraped by her opto. doc.-i didn't know it was going to look better in time. But I didn't even care....she had so much personality!

But, my sister was still not giving in about the cat issue. So we went home. I was told by the shelter that they were getting more dogs in the next day and to stop by. So we did. We saw Ms. Fiona again...opened the cage and she paid equal attention to me and my sister-she is so lovey!

We went and looked at some dogs, even played with a few. We realized we are NOT dog people. My sister was the first one to say "lets go look at Fiona again" and the rest is history! We picked her up the next day.

We both think she is the most beautiful and fun cat ever. She is extremely vocal and needy. But so are we. We can relate! My sister also has gotten over her cat-phobia....good thing because Ms. Fi (naughty girl) likes to go after her feet under the comforter. Rachel tolerates her naughtiness with good humour. We love her...what can we say? You all understand!

She is a star acrobat too! Likes to roll and tumble and jump into the air....she even jumped up to the top of the door jam! Now I know she has small feet but come on! LOL

I will post a pic as soon as I can.
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hello and welcome to TCS!!! hope you will have as much fun on here as i do. everyone on here is SOO nice. you sound like a genuine cat lover!!!! yes, post pics when you can!!! fiona sounds so sweet!!!
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What a beautiful way you and your sis came to know and love Fiona. She sounds like she is a lovely baby. I cant wait to see pics of her.
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Thanks for just reading through that long post! I am already learning alot and feel right at home here. I love all the pics i've seen and will be sure to share mine asap. I can hopefully get one of my previous kitty....they look alot alike! (not my reason for getting her-their personalities are totally different)
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS, can't wait to see pics of Fiona!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Hello and a warm welcom from Spain and my 3 kits

Fiona sounds such a peach I sometimes call Moofi, Miss Fi, so now I´m wondering what colour Fiona is, maybe a black & white eh well I am sure we´ll all soon see

Sounds like you´re really settling in here, its a great place and theres always omething to see or do.............and theres always someone on hand for those kitty-type queries

Enjoy the forums and keep us posted about Miss Fi
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welcome to the cat site...i am so happy that u guys adopted Fiona she sounds like such a great and wonderful kittie and thank goodness for ur sister getting over her "cat phobia" u guys sound like genuine cat lovers ....I cant wait to see photos...we love photos here

Well cant wait to see u on the forums
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to you and Fiona! What a lovely way to meet your furbaby!
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Hi & welcome to TCS!

Fiona sounds like an extra special girl. I can't wait to see pictures of her!

If you need any help finding your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username & send me a private message. I'll do whatever I can to help
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Welcome Fiona and Family

to TheCatSite and congratulations -- YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!! As we like to say, CATS RULE -- dogs drool...(I'd defend dogs, but I've never been, nor will I ever be, a "dog person" -- had to take care of two of them over the years, neither one of which I wanted, and taking care of them did nothing to make me a dog person. Cats are so much more beautiful, clean, classy, and, well, I just prefer them all the way around! Living with them all my life may have something to do with that...

Look forward to seeing your photo(s) and chatting!
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Thanks again for making me feel so welcome!
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Fiona sounds like a real sweetie - can't wait to see her pics. I am so glad she was rescued when she was.
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