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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
I can't hold my tongue either, I would have to say, go where your aunt did and get a kitten, or go to your sale for your 100 horse, you are going to get what you pay for. If you are paying $100 for a HORSE, be prepared, that's what you will get a $100 horse, LOL!
When I sold my horse, I sold him CHEAP! I wasn't interested in money, only finding some one to love him and take care of him. She knew he had feet problems that I have been working on for 2 yeasr, ect. He was also due for shots, I explained to her that, and he needed a bit more work. She sent me a nasty email to tell me his feet hadn't been done in YEARs (all four were BAD when I got him, I hadn't gotten one back to what it should have been.) But, she kept telling me how much money shots, ect cost her, well DUH! That's why he was so cheap, I would have asked more if I had it done, I just had his feet done and new shoes put on. I finally asked her if she thought she was getting a perfect reg TB with out any problems and bomb proof for 500 ( I paid 700 and put 2 years of work into him) If you want a perfect (as if) horse it costs. I was completely upfront with her, she knew where I got him from and what I went through, if only I could have seen through her, before I sold him to her Any way, I can't stand people like that!

NARG nor can I! I wanted to throttle her.. yes the horse market is down..but yes you go to a sale barn your going to get a $100 horse..period.

I paid $500 for my vixen, and she had alot of issues, horrible feet. abused. 150lbs under weight..ect ect. but i expected all of that for what i paid..and after seeing the owners. Argh.

people make me mad..makes me wanna go all renn style on them with a lance!
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o.k., don't want to get to terribly far off the initial conversation, but I know very very little about horses. But I have to say, I didn't think you could get a horse for $100.00! And because I know so very little about horses, this is just me, but I'd be afraid to get a horse for $100.00! It just seems as though something would have to be really wrong with it. I always thought horses cost at least a couple thousand. o.k. I'm done. sorry.
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For my two cents, I know around here...getting a cat from the shelters cost you at least $150...some of the *pedigreed* cats in rescue are even more. I looked at shelter cats...I was concerned about all the problems people had with their rescue cats. Thats why I decided on going through a breeder. I always had dogs from a breeder. There seems to be alot of people that actually get angry that you are not going to the shelters. My hats off to anyone who fosters or rescues...but I would never criticize a persons choices in matters like this. YOu must choose who you plan on living with for the next 15 to 20 years.
Haggling over the price like...be happy your baby didnt go there....she probably would have fed her table scraps!!
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