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Hello everyone...I'm new here :)

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Hi y'all (Texan here ). I just came across your forum today while searching for clues as to whether or not I can give my 6 month old kitty some of my soy milk! She loves the stuff and every time my back is turned she's right on it! Silly baby! Her name is Mia...or Mia-Tortilla as my daughter calls her I did read several posts and I appreciate all your information.

What I'd like to ask about a strange behaviour my other cat has. ''Lady Elora~Queen Of Anything She Can Climb Onto'', or just ''Elora'' for short, has a strange little habit. Whenever she jumps up on my lap, or whenever I'm petting her...her nose starts dripping! It just gets all wet and runny! I have to keep a tissue around just to dab her little nose now and then. I've asked others before and they all agreed that its probably more of an emotional thing than anything serious. What do y'all think?

Nice to be here...I look forward to meeting many of y'all!

Take care and thanks for replying...

Hilda >^..^<...(who is enjoying all of these smilies!! )
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Hi Hilda,

Welcome to TCS to you, Mia and 'Lady Elora!

I really can't say for sure on the drippy nose, but will share that my Blondie is a drooler whenever he's lovey. I always feel like I should be wrapped in a large towel when he comes up for petting.

I've heard some say that their cats are allergic to soy, but I'd think if she has no reactions then you are probably ok. I buy Lactaid for mine and my mate about dropped his jaw when he saw what it cost for a 1/2 gal. I told him to just nevermind since it doesn't cost him a darn thing.
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Hi and welcome to you and your kits.............um you do know that it is obligatory to post photos of your furries cos well, we just love photos here

Anyhoo, great to have you here, I also have a "dribbler" and she has just started doing it had her to vets as thought it might be her nashers, she an old bird, but no, all fine in the dental area. Vet said it was a lurrvvve thing when shes having a cuddle with us..t´awwwhhh So maybe its the same for your kit.

Well keep us updated about your kits ........oh and remember photos !!
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Welcome Hilda. If the only time she does that is when she cuddles with you, it probably isn't anything to worry about. As long as her eyes are clear and she isn't "coughing" or sneezing, I personally wouldn't be too worried.

You could call your vet and discuss it with him/her just to be on the safe side and it may put your mind at rest.
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