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Saturday DT

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I'm being lazy, making a pitcher of sweet tea for the S/O and catching up on the phone with an old friend.

I think we're going to catch a movie later today, maybe do some shopping. The S/O is itching to buy a new video game so we'll be running out in a bit. I'd love to go for a bike ride and maybe we'll do that this afternoon.

Had a really nice dinner in Georgetown (DC) last night. Went to Sephora (anyone heard of this? It's a make up/skin care store. I dropped $63 on just a few items I never buy make up so I was able to justify it to myself.

Hope you all have a lovely saturday!
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Hi everyone! I don't post too much on the DT's but since Colby started it I had to chime in!!
Its a gorgeous day here weather wise. I love it! I went to day and bought a bale of hay and some corn stalk and pumpkins to decorate outside. It looks cute. Very fall-y!!

I am so glad its the weekend, I had a crazy week. My brothers are coming to visit me today and then we are all going to my parents for a bbq. Should be fun, especially since I don't have to cook!

Happy Saturday to all of you
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Dad and I went into town for coffee and donuts this morning, and then we went to Micheal's Crafts big fall sale. I was in heaven, but I didn't have a lot of money to spend. Stocked up on embroidery floss (4/$1!) so I can finish my cat cross stitches. Of course, while I was there, I bought 2 packs of aida cloth that I don't need, new needle threaders, and a lot of stuff I already have, but it was justified as dad was paying for it all. "As long as you keep busy and you're not on that computer all day, sure!" :tounge2:

Getting my homework done right now (my project is printing as I type this), so that I have tomorrow to just veg around. French verb conjucations are next...yay... this stuff gets me sooo confused!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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Well it's Sunday here in Australia but I'll pretend lol.

Stayed in bed Sat morning, had a cup of tea and a chocolate croisant, read the paper. Got up and cooked for Pete and his 2 sons that visit us every fortnight, then went to the movies with my brother to see 'Bend it Like Backham' which was fantastic and one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Today (Sunday I am going to my very first cat show so I am damn excited.

Hope you weekends are beautiful.
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I have to work, all weekend. Closing, both nights, at the bad store!

Since I don't go in, until 1:00, Bill cooked breakfast. He's SOOO good to me. I DID do a load of laundry, though.

We bought two trees, this week and Bill planted them, this morning. Ike was a big help. Ordinarily, he doesn't dig holes but, I guess he thought that it was OK to dig where Bill was. Our backyard looked pretty barren - just grass, clothesline and two sheds. After planting these, we think we need one more. Guess a trip to Home Depot is in order.

Rowdy got into the catnip and ripped and roared in the laundry room. She knocked a laundry basket off of the dryer and, almost fell off, herself. After romping with Ike, she has passed out. Opie has stayed out of her way.
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I am getting old - sat at home by myself on Saturday night watching rubbish on the tv, ho hum (but I'll let myself off, as I was on the razzle last night). I did catch a fairly new show called "Pop Rivals" - like Pop Stars/Idols, except they are setting up a girl band and a boy band, who will release singles the same day and which ever one sells the most will get a record deal. They are still doing the initial auditions, some of which are hilariously bad. I go off these type of shows when they end up with people who can sing.

Ronnie decided to take a flying leap onto my lap and knocked a full glass of red wine all over me and the sofa earlier tonight, I wouldn't mind, but I'd just washed the covers.... she is not my favourite cat at the moment.

No plans for Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone
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Let's see today so far I have gone to the post office, deposited my paycheck @ the bank, went to Target, went to the mall to get some clothes, got lunch & came home. I still need to stop @ the grocery store & then maybe at Lowe's to get some light bulbs for the master bath. Tomorrow, I am staying home, or so I say now...... but when tomorrow rolls, we'll see
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