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need help with kitten diet for health

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Hi, I have two 4 month old kittens who have been with me since birth. About 5-6 weeks after their birth, their mama-cat was diagnosed with pyometra (an infection of the uterus) and immediately spayed (she is now doing great). We separated the kittens as a precaution in hopes that they would not absorb any of the bacteria from nursing. No such luck.

At about 2 1/2 months, our little boy (Casanova) became increasingly gassy and his feces were very runny. His white cell count was very high (25,000), he went on antibiotics (not my preferred option), and seems to be mostly better. The little girl (Zoie) seems to have recently started a similar pattern and also sneezes.

We are going to the vet tomorrow but I am hesitant to start her on medicine. I would prefer to treat her symptoms naturally, and start both her and Casanova on a better regiment of food. I have been feeding them an organic dry kibble, but would have no issues cooking for them or exploring other possibilities. I don't know much about raw and tend to be a little hesitant about the idea. I would really like to help these guys grow up as healthy and happy as possible.

(Just for reference... we also have a 14-year old healthy cat and a 14-year old healthy dog who has has some lingering seasonal allergies.)
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what organic are you feeding?? I always question organic as there is no regulation in the pet food industry for it ...

what tests have been run on these two?? blood urine??

Welcome to TCS
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Thanks for the welcome. This forum is great - informative, friendly, and very supportive! Anyway, I took Cass & Zoie to the doctor and am waiting for blood test results. As of my post, they were eating Castor & Pollux Natural ULTRAMIX® Kitten Formula dry kibble (not organic, my error). I have since started them on Merrick cans as well, but am open to all suggestions. I definitely would like to switch their kibble and need a brand that my senior cat can eat as well. I have heard good things about Flint River and Innova EVO. I also keep hearing about the benefits of raw food - is it too early for them and is it really a good way to go?
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Raw is good ... I do part raw with mine , BUT I have a vet who also does it and helps along the way ////

Your feeding good the dry is a bit grainer than others in its class but still okay ... Evo is great for 50 % of cats that try it , quite rich and being dry is not as easily digested as many lead one to beleive ....

I like merrick the girls have it in rotaion

Flint river has yet to impress me other than the way they market
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Sharky is right. Raw is good but complex, I want to someday switch to raw/evo later on but do your research otherwise you could kill them with kindness. Its very easy to mix a vitamen wrong or feed them somthing with a disease I've heard stories of cats who lived about as long as ferals out in the wild.(useally lesss then 10) on all raw because something was missing that the owner never looked into.

Basicly get a dry/wet that has a few grains meat by protects and paservatives as possible, save raw until you understand it better and are sure that you can get the right things.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif
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