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We're back from the vet!

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I just took Lily (pic below) for her second annual checkup, and her heart murmur has been downgraded from a 3 to a 1! Evidently, the hole is healing up! Her weight is good, too, and everything checked out great!

I'm so happy because I was worried we might need to do an ultrasound to check for heart disease, etc. She's so young and I want her with us for a long time, thanks for listening!

Cheers, from

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Look how gorgeous Lily is! Im so happy things are healing with her, that is always fanatstic news!!!
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That's great! Lily is beautiful!
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She is so beautiful. I hope there are no further heart problems.
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What a very lovely girl is your Lily!! So glad you had good results at the vet.
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That's great news about Lily! She's a gorgeous girl!
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Yay!! That is great news Way to go Lily!
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That is great news, Lily is stunning!
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That is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great news! And she is a beauty!
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glad she's healthy!!!!!! thats always nice to hear!!!!!
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Oh she is such a beauty!

I am so pleased to hear that her heart is not as bad as you thought
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that's wonderful news.....she's a real beauty!
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