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Help! Anyone have any suggestions on how to give your cat love but not "shock" them so much? Oh my gosh this static is crazy this time of year and I can't run my hand down the Monte's back without getting tiny little electric shocks. Anyone have any good tricks to cut back on the shocking.

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Humidifiers! I have one on each level of the house. They don't stop static but if I forget to re-fill one for a day I can definately tell the difference.
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Yep, a humidifier is just the thing to eliminate static in the winter, when the heat's on.

You might also wash your hands just before patting kitty. They will be damp and not conducive to the electrical charge.
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Yea, I know a humidifier. It's not only when the heat is on, it's just really dry here. I'm going to go buy a humidifier today. That was our plan, but I was just checking to see if there was something else we could do as well. I'll try the damp hands. Thanks.
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Well you could wipe them down on the back with a dryer sheet. Or I try to touch a doorknob before touching the cat (or any metal) - most times you won't shock the cat. The funny thing is to watch 2 cats (or dog/cat) touch noses and shock each other....
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Yep, my Dad always told me to hit a metal doorknob or bedpost with a fingernail to get rid of the shock. A vaporizer is still the best way out in your dry climate.

You can also leave bowls of water in every room. That's the old fashioned way to do it, and the cats will drink from them too.
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Invest in a humidifer! They work wonders! Also if the cat will let you, get a fine mist stay in conditioner and spray the cat with it. But please be careful and not use anything with tea tree oil in it. A cat conditioner would be safest.
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I heard that if you snap your fingers, you wouldn't get a shock. Now I do it every time before I touch my car door (I usually get zapped even in the summer). Doesn't always work though. Some of us are just supercharged!
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The probelm I has is even if I discharge any static before touching the cat it quicky build back up as I pet them.

Never heard the finger snap trick but if you touch metal (like your door frame) as you get out of the car the electricity will discharge as you get out and you won't feel it as a shock.
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