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I'm so sorry Jelly :'(

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Jelly passed away sometime on the 3rd of January this year :'( What a great way to start a the new year?
Well, Jelly is a hamster but she still deserves a place here :'(

I went to feed her at about 11:50am and she ALWAYS responds to hearing the food shaking about in the tub. Well, today she didn't.. So I opened the lid on the tub where she always sleeps and she was just laying there :'( I stroked her (trying to be gentle, but I was shaking soo much) and she still didn't wake up. People never wanna be bit by their animals, but I would have been so happy for her to bite me just then. I just knew it then, she was cold and.. kinda hard. I told my mum and we both came back up stairs, I held her and talked to her while mum got a box to put her in.. We've lined it with tissue and put her in it. We placed it in the cage until dad got home, and we buried her last night in our garden near the apple trees. I only had her for 9 months :'( What did I do wrong?! :'( (oh, and then I was on MSN and told someone, and he says 'so, you gunna get another hamster now?' EUGHH. She's just died, why would I be thinking about that?). RIP Jelly xx I'm so sorry :'( I love you. :-* I wish I knew what I did wrong, please forgive me babe.. run free and be happy please babe :'( Hopefully I'll see you again some day.

Jane :'(
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Oh Jane a loss of a pet is always so heartbreaking. Please have no regard for anyone who would ever make light of the death of a pet. Im so very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Jelly.
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of course Jelly deserves a place here

dont be too hard on yourself, I have no doubt that you looked after Jelly as best as you could but sometimes these things just happen with no explanation. Be gentle with yourself at this time and remember the good times you spent with Jelly.

i will light a candle to help guide her home

RIP Jelly

post #4 of 14 didn't do anything wrong! Hampsters have short but sweet little lives. I never had one that lived more than 2 years.

RIP little Jelly!
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Just to echo what the others have said, please don't be hard on yourself or think that you did anything wrong. Things happen for reasons that sometimes can't be explained and that you have no control over. You gave Jelly the best home and all of the love that you could during the time that she was with you. Her journey here is over but she begins a new journey over the Rainbow Bridge where she will always be happy and healthy. Rest in peace, Jelly.
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I'm so sorry for your sad and sudden loss.

Rest in peace and play Jelly.
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Oh I am so sorry. Of course hamsters deserve a place here, they are very welcome as are all creatures that have a place in our hearts

RIP Jelly
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Oh I was sorry to read about Jelly she has a lovely resting place under your apple tree

RIP Little Jelly, have fun with your new fur-family
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Rest in peace little Jelly. You will be missed.
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Please don't be so hard on yourself. You gave little Jelly a good life and lots of love. That's what matters. RIP little hamster.
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Thanks so much everyone.. I'm slowly getting over it.. I realise I gave her the best life I could and she was a lot better looked after than most of the hamsters people buy. We thought that under the apple tree was a lovely place for her because not only does it look nice, but whenever I was eating an apple she always wanted a bit, and if I ever gave her any it was gone in seconds. I love you so much Jelly, Rest in Peace babe, hopefully someday we'll meet again.
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Oh, I am so sorry! I know you must be terribly sad! Losing a pet is like losing a child, I think, and is never to be made light of. I'm praying for you.
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Aw, sweet Jelly! Rest peacefully, little one!
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RIP Jelly
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