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What next!?

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I called to see if my blood work had come back yet, and well........looks like my glucose and chloestorol(sorry, i know thats spelled wrong ) were a bit high, now I have something ELSE to worry about!! I go back in Monday for a full exam and shes going to talk to me about everything. Should I be freakin guys?? I guess its hard not to.
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If you start stessing out about it now, your blood pressure will probably be high. Just wait until Monday and see what the doctor says, I will be thinking about you and I am sending you some prayers from Mississippi.
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Just wait until you have the actual results and get to speak with your dr. A little high may mean just some diet changes are necessary.

I am pre-diabetic, and also have to deal with keeping my cholesterol from being high, so chat at me any time
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Oh that sucks..Don't freak out though, that certainly doesn't help your health at all.
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