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WOOOHOOO gonna see "Cats" tonite!

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Who would have thought it? Way up here in the boonies, there is a production of Cats. What makes it neat is that they got one of the same performers who was on Broadway for 8 yrs to come and recreate his role. Tiny theater, seats front and center for less than $50 each, how cool is that? And we don't have a blizzard so I can dress nicely and don't have to wear winter boots!!!

I am so excited!!
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Have fun! Cats is such a wonderful musical. I've seen the travelling musical in the theater twice, and just loved it!!
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How wonderful! I saw Cats in Denver when it came there. It is an awesome production.

I cried at the end....
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Cats is awesome!!! DH took me there for either a wedding anniversary or my birthday....I can't recall which.... I loved it! But he didn't like it at all....he actually was nodding out! (thank God we were in the back & no one saw him!)
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WOOHOOO!! Have fun tonight
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ohhh, plz let us know how it is!!!!! yes, i've heard its good but have never gotten an opportunity to see it! lucky duck...
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All I can say is GO!!
It is a wonderful musical and even your non-cat friends will enjoy it. The dancers did such a good job of doing catlike things in the background (opening jaws wide, lifting paws from the floor). You may want to read TS Eliot's book of practical cats before you see it.
It was such a tiny theater, only holds about 200 people. We were front and center and it was almost like being onstage with them. You could hear every grunt and foot movement. What was also neat (at least I liked it) is that if you are in a big theater and far away, the sounds reaches you as a chorus. But if you are up front and it is a small theater, you hear the individual voices as they go dancing past.

Many of the performers had been on the US tour of Cats, a few were local and there was the one guy who had done the role on Broadway so overall it was outstanding.

But man, I gotta lose weight!! Those people were in such great shape, I don't see how you can dance like that let alone sing at the same time!.
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I have no idea of where the boonies are, but enjoy the show!!
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Ohhhh now i want to go and see it!!! its coming to the Fox Theatre, which is near me, this summer. hope i can go!
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