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Arghhhhh!!!!! Why can't we just all get along???

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I have two male (neutered) cats who are about six (I think -- they were abandoned. About two months ago, I adopted a persian girl (spayed) from my vet who was attacked by parrots, taken to the vet and never picked up. Things were fine at first, but now the newest addition, Lily, won't use the litter box. She goes around the living room furniture. One of the male cats beats up on her whenever he thinks we can't see him.

I know that's why she's wetting, but I don't know what to do about it. How can I a.) stop him from picking on her; b.) stop her from wetting; c.) get rid of the smell (I've used neutralizers/etc; d.) make her feel safe?

I hate the idea of her living in terror when we're gone during the day and unable to protect her.
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HI. Sorry to hear your dilema. It looks like you have jealous older cats, and Lily may still be tramatized by the parrot attack. If I were you, I might try buying a couple of those child fences and stacking them in a doorway so none of the cats can climb or get through them. I'd block off one room so the cats could see eachother but not get at eachother. Also, there should be a place in the room where Lily can hide when she is frightened or just not be seen by the other cats to give her a sense of security. They may just need time to adjust to seeing eachother. Also, put her litter box in one area of the room and her food in another. Put newspaper on everything you don't want her to pee on. Spend some time with her each day and help her learn to use the kitty box by placing her in it and gently moving her paws in it to show her how to cover with it. Give your kitties time, but keep them separated so your little one can survive without you there. Slowly wean her from the room and intorduce her to the other cats. As for the smell... soaking the area in baking soda, though I'm not for sure on this.

Good Luck!
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As you say she's wetting, I would also have her checked by the vet for UTI. Such an infection could be stressed related, so it's no wonder if she got it now (first the attack, then a change of home and the hostile cats).

If the vet gives the all-clear, Vlinder had some good suggestions about reintroducing the cats. You may also want to search similar threads in this forum.
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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I, quite honestly, am at my wits end. Also, given that we rent, I worry about getting the smell entirely out of the carpet.

We're trying the separation thing right now, but poor Lily cries all night (it breaks my heart) and even though she typically won't sleep with us, she does grace us with her presence by being in the same room. I feel like I'm punishing her by separating her.
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