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Can anyone tell me...

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...where I might have put my TV remote? It's been missing for two days and I've looked all over the house, even though I'm pretty sure the last place I had it was the living room. Tearing apart the couch was the first order of business.

I've been known to be absent-minded and "lose" stuff in some pretty strange places, so the remote could be just about anywhere. I even checked the freezer.

I just wish the cats could tell me what I did with it!
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Well, we lost ours once, and it was in the fridge
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I think I left the remote in the bathroom one time maybe look there?
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Well, we lost ours once, and it was in the fridge
I've done that a few times!
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My cats take mine and hide it all the time. I fell asleep with it on the couch one time and I woke up and it was gone. Mine gets shoved down into the side of the lazyboy all the time too.
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Call 8-Bit for suggestions.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Call 8-Bit for suggestions.
He was missing for a few hours. I'll let you know if I find it.
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I lost mine once, and come to find out the dog had chewed it to pieces and then hid the remains in the basement. By the time I found it, I could not scold her, so the solution was to buy a new one! Hope you don't have a dog that chews things.
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did you look under the couch-sometimes that where mine winds up.
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Nope, no dog to blame.

I could go for the 8-Bit theory, though. I'll bet Pete invited him over to show him how to vex his meowmy!

Now I'm really worried.
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Have you checked under all your cats?
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Check your purse.......I brought mine to work months ago! Don't ask me why! I still say Jerry or TTP&B planted it!
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Is it in your purse or your car? J once put ours in his back pocket and left the house with it, completely forgetting it was there. I noticed it when he got out of the car: it fell out of his back pocket and onto the floor of the car. If I hadn't been in the car with him, it could have stayed by the brake pedal for months ... I've also seen him put it in his backpack when we're getting ready for a game day, but he usually catches himself before zipping the backpack up and leaving the house. Thus far, the remote has not made it into the refrigerator, the freezer or the bathroom, but just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't happen. He's very ... possessive ... of that remote control.
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Go re track your usuall steps. If you carry things with you from one room to another, its likely you carried it with you. The purse is a good idea. @ you Susie for bringing yours to work with you
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My husband lost the remote one time, it was kinda way back in the lazy boy recliner, I had to turn it upside down to get to it though.
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My hubby would bring it into the computer room with him and put it by his computer and it'd be lost for days. Other times he'd take it, fall asleep and it'd fall off the bed onto the floor between the bed and nightstand and sit there until the next time I'd vacum and find it!
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We usually find ours down the sides of the sofa-however its kinda scary sticking your hand down there to see what else you would find.
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Well it's not in my purse. So, I'll go home and search some more. I appreciate hearing where some of you have put your remotes. Now I have some ideas where to look!
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I'd say check the furniture again. That's where I always find ours. I look under it, but somehow it manages to find a spot that you can't see unless you really crawl around down there. Good luck!
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check your sock drawer. Or on top of the dryer/fridge.
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I found it! It was buried deep on one side of the couch, along with a pen, a cough drop and assorted crumbs.

Thanks guys!
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Good!! Stuff like this can make you go crazy!
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LOL, Glad you found it
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