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Male Cat Not Eating Enough

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I have 2 cats - a female and a male. The male is about 1 1/2 old. My cats have to eat on scheduled meals, twice a day, because the female is on a weight control diet and will eat the males food if left unattended. Maverick (the male) always is begging for treats and food. But when it is dinner time, he will eat a few morsels, and then wander off. It takes us about 2 hours to get him to finish his dinner, all the while constantly warding off his sister who will happily finish it for him.

We thought it was the food, so we switched from IAMS Adult to another brand. That did not help. He's on brand three right now. He's starting to look very thin now too, as often we have to put his food away since it goes uneaten for so long (or his sister gets it!)

I'm worried there is something wrong with him beyond being a finicky cat. Any recommendations on a better food, or a better solution?
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Molly will do this at times. We give her a few treats then she is back to eating again.
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Try feeding him some canned foods and see if he'll eat better. Also I'd lock him in a room by himself for about 1/2 hour and see how long it takes him to eat.
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Mabye he's just not hungry?

Did you try playing with him alot before feeding him, once he's had enough play his appetite should increase being he "worked" for his food.

I know in the summer after I come in from the outside after riding my bike im tired and very hungry!

Try canned food too.
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May I ask if he's neutered? If he isn't that may be your answer - he's hormonal and wants a girl now! If he is neutered, a quick visit to the vet may be in order - just to rule any nastiness out.
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Is there any way you can put some food in an area where only he can get to it? Most cats by nature are grazers--they eat a little and wander off and then come back later when they are hungry again. Odo scarfs his food down immediately, so I have to feed Willow separately. Since she is a grazer and lost weight when I tried meal feeding, I put a bowl of food on top of my dresser for her. The dresser is higher up than Odo can jump, so only Willow has access to it. It works well for my cats (though I'm not sure Odo's lost any weight at this point).
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