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Show your favorite

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Pic of each of your kitties. This one is my favorite of Miss Tavia she looks so silly in it.

I just wish I could get that bit of light difference out of the pic. But please show pics of your babies.
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Heres my favs.....
Miss Moofi

Pepsi waving

and finally Dino with his hugh whiskers
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well here is blue this one is my favorite well ok these 2 are my favorite

This one u can see her eyes

Here is my fav of Bella

Here is my favorite of Stormie

Stormie and Bella together



and soon there will be another picture( WE dont have the Tessa yet so when we do there will be lots of pictures)
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This one of Rosie cracks me up

But i love this one of her

And i love Sophies little face here

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I just adore this photo of Davidson when he was a baby

And this one... falling over

This was Davidson's 1st day home, Harley welcoming him to his new furrever home!

And of course, my all time favorite
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Alrighty then Here's The Dunkin
He's trying on dads slippers

Here's Zazzy
What an innocent looking girl

Here's Sissy
Looking like a Piggy

Here's MiniMan ....Sleeping on Mom's down Comforter

Ziggy there has to be 2

When she was very small

And Now

Zinger The Keeper of All

My Beautiful Cammie


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these aren't my favorites - they're just some new ones!
my beautiful Cable

Java, my daredevil



the snuggle sisters

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Everyone has such beautiful kitties. And I love the pics of the black kitties. I want one soo bad. I specifically would love to have a solid black cat with yellow eyes. Have always wanted one but I found my baby girl first.
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OMG all these pics are so adorable I love ALL the TCS furries

Here are a few dashing ones of Trout meister:

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great pics by everyone ..the pic of Miss Moofi, and the one of Harley and Davidson sharing a yawn are hilarious. Here are a couple of favs I have of Hobbs which I posted when I first joined TCS....

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I just got a camera for Christmas and these are my favorites so far.










A percentage of "The Crew"

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My favorite of My Bella :



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Here are two of my favourite shots of Cassey...

This pic was posted on a cat adoption website, and eventually helped to find her a nice new meowmy and daddy =)

This is a nice pic of her lounging in her new house

These are some pix of Wukong, I have too many that I love... Can't pick any favourites


I think this is very cute

His Royal Handsomeness

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Although we find Neely in a lot of unusual places, I'd have to say that this is probably one of my favorites with her perched on the drums.

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There are whole bunch of Fawn that I like, but I think this is probably my all-time favourite...

Of Cindy, I have a very hard time choosing, so a couple..

..well, three....

And Sooz...

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