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chew toys for cats?

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My 8 month old kitty, Harriet, loves to chew on things--cardboard and plastic are her favorites. Lately she's been chewing on her Zoom Groom brush every time I try to brush her (it's made of a sturdy, rubbery plastic). I'm afraid to let her chew on it because tiny pieces might break off for her to swallow, so I'm looking into getting her a chew toy. Can anyone recommend a hard plastic chew toy made specifically for cats? I am considering getting her a dog chew toy, but I'm not sure if this would be the best thing for her (I've read that the Nylabone, a popular dog chew toy, is actually hazardous because pieces can break off and get fatally lodged in the intestine--something about it being a dental hygiene chew is another factor in it being unsafe).


Harriet's mom
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You might try purchasing a small KONG. There is no was that a piece of rubber will break off of it. I think that they are designed to be indestructible for dogs. They make little ones for toy breeds. Get either the black one or the red one. They make softer ones for puppies, but I would think that a tougher one would be better.
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You might want to give these a try. I had never seen them before, when I bumped into them while doing Santa's shopping for the girls before Christmas, and thought, "Hmmm...What the heck!" Let me add here that my lot are weird about toys and treats -- there's not much that keeps their attention for long enough even to get a picture. I got one for each of them (3). The first two have vanished, but I do hear them from time to time thwacking from wall to wall, so I know (a) that they are still around, and (b) that they are still getting attention. This is no small thing. FWIW.
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I posted a similar question a few weeks ago, and people told me not to encourage chewing by buying a chew toy. To get my kitten to stop chewing I clap loudly or hiss in her face. It seems to be working so far
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i bought a reel of paper twine (the stuff used for shopping bag handles) and i knot pieces for my cat. Not only are they great hocky pucks on hardwood floors they are chewable and just brown paper so if she injests little torn ends she is getting fiber.

when i call "knotty knot" she comes running.
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I got a fish-shaped chew toy made of heavy twine with plastic caps (the fish's head and tail) at the pet shop today. Gizmo ignores it and prefers to play with her fur toys...
but Kitty Kongs sound like they'd be right for your cat.
They are smaller than the canine version and contain catnip mice.
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Thanks for everyone's advice. I think I'll try the kitty kong or the catnip pawbreakers or "knotty knot" (cute name)...all the suggestions seem like they'd be good for her.

Longhornchick29, I'm not sure about discouraging her to chew. Chewing helps cats develop their jaw muscles (and release tension in their jaw muscles) and it helps kittens teethe. As long as she chews toys that are safe for her, I don't see the problem in that.
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OK sounds good to me I am glad that my question finally got answered too. I figured it was OK for cats to chew, so that is why I asked previously, so when I got the answer about discouraging them to chew, I thought it was odd. I will try theses suggestions too
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My Levi loves his kitty kong, only 2 problems. One the other cats like to hide if from him. Two, the plastic doest get holes & after a while it can start to come apart, so I just keep an eye on it. He also likes what I call bumbly balls The are the bumby rubber balls that they are supposed to chase around, Well my Levi would rather chew on them. I've had no problem with those so far.
All of my cats like to chew on & rip apart card board, but Levi loves to chew on things (Including my fingers, OUCH)
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Here's an edible chew designed for cats:N-Bone Chicken Cat Chew
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I tried those and Gizmo would not look at them. Then again, she's allergic to chicken so she knows something I didn't at the time.
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it's a shame they don't make rawhide bones for cats. It'd be a great way to help them keep their teeth clean and in good shape too. Maybe some nice Chicken flavored ones. hehe.
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