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Cat with Siezure - information?

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Okay all - is there anyone out there with an epileptic cat?
I know this is VERY rare, but worth a shot.

My cat Lexi developed sizures while I was gone at xmas. She was
a) in fine health on Dec 18th when she got the vet to come to the
house and give her her rabies booster.

b) she stayed indoors the entire time I was gone and is not
a floor eater (ie won't pick things up and eat from floors)

c) all poisons in my house are locked up, and all other cats
were not in trouble.

d) she was in good shape for 2 days I was gone. Day 3 the sitter
noted a "battle round the food dishes" - probably Lexi had a sizurer

I came home to find her having a grand mal at 9;30 pm. I rushed to emergency vet. They treated for poisons, gave fluids and oxygen.

Took her to the home vet in the am. Tested for all sorts of things - negative on all tests - normal blood functions (although when she went in initally to the EM vet she had high liver enzymes and blood ammonia levels).

Took her home. She sized the next day at breakfast. Back to vet. Sized mildly at the vets. Was put on meds anti bios for Toxo (which test has not yet come back), and phenolbarb for siezures.

Still no cause. I am going with that she ate long acting poison outside Sunday, that the rabies shot combined with that caused reaction and that she then developed sizures and liver toxicity...

Right now she is fine seeming. Normal blood, normal liver, eating, sleeping and so forth. but on phenolbarb in case of sizures.

However, is very cautious jumping and seems to favor left hind leg(s).

I feel she had some damage and is adjusting to the phenolbarb and might not be feeling 100 percent.

Does anyone who has a cat on phenolbarb (or dog) know how long it takes to adjust and what I might see during the adjustment period? Does it affect coordination? Balance? Appetite? The vets just aren't very forthcoming about this.

Thanks all!
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Sorry, I don't have experience but I have done some research on seizures and cats. Check out the epi-feline group on Yahoo. A great group with a lot of valuable information:


Good luck!
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When my cat was on Pheno, it took a couple of weeks for her to adjust....she walked around like she was drunk though, very unsteady on her feet.

She slept a lot as well.
Thankfully she is off it now though.
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