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Two Cat Owners- How much do you feed?

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For those with two cats, how much dry do you feed on average? Im just trying to figure out how much food I will have to buy with two cats, and how much litter.

As for the litter I have a big plastic container of Tidy Cats, but i'll get another just in case.

For the food though, I think i'll start buying the big bags. With Ceci only I buy the 4lb bags and that lasts about 2 weeks or more. Sometimes i'll even buy the tiny bags (1 1/2 lbs) of One when I cant get her regular foods and that lasts about a week or more.

Hopefully this kitty will eat wet food because we've got about 12 cans sitting around!!
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I free feed dry so it is available at all times for mini-kitty meals, and I give them each 3 ounces of wet food in the evening.

As far as the litter goes, I try to get the 30 pound boxes of Super Scoop by A&H when they are on sale (I love it when I can buy the bonus box with 35 pounds in it on sale for just $10-11!!!)

I try to stock up when possible.
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I free feed dry, too. I put wet down in the AM, the afternoon and the PM. Wet is what I wish they would eat, but I have 2 that will only eat dry

I have 5 cats so my litter ratio wouldnt help you because its A LOT!
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I have two cats but one has kidney issues so I use 50lbs chn feed a month for litter

food wise the dry one eat about 5-7 lbs a month and the wet raw homemade eat 5-10 ounces depending on the menu a day

ave cat 3-4lb of dry if main diet per cat
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We have scheduled feedings first thing in the morning and then again before we go to bed at night, because Oz can't be trusted with free-feedings: he's a former stray and doesn't understand that he will always be fed, so he eats whatever is in his bowl and can make himself sick.

We feed both cats 2/3 cup dry food (Oz gets a flat 2/3 of a cup, Spike gets a more generous amount) twice a day, and 1/4 can of wet food (Oz gets weight control, Spike gets a preventive formula) twice a day. We buy a decent-sized bag of dry food (I think it's around 2 kg, but I can't remember) and a flat of 24 cans of the wet; the bag lasts a little more than a month, the cans last 48 days. I don't remember how much this costs, but it's premium cat food purchased from the vet's office, so it's on the pricier side. (We get a discount, however, for having our cats on the "Wellness Plan.")

As for litter, we buy a large box (a little smaller than a computer monitor) of unscented litter for multi-cat households. It's a no-name brand that the cats prefer over the expensive stuff; it only gets smelly when we're negligent in our litterbox maintenance, so it's a good reminder to keep the box clean. The box lasts well over a month, with us using two litterboxes and scooping litter every other day. I should note, however, that J is stingier with the litter than I am, and he's the one who normally cleans the litterboxes; when I do it, I use more litter, so we'd probably go through it more quickly if I were the one who normally cleaned the litterboxes.
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I free feed dry food too, but it turns out to be about 1 cup of dry per day (1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night). Only 1 of my cats will eat wet so he gets 1 small can of wet in the evening.
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With two, I free feed about a cup of dry a day, and they get between 1.25 - 1.5 oz of canned twice a day (either 1/4 of a 5 oz can, or half of a 3 oz ).

A 35# tub of clumping litter lasts well over a month.
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