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I got something that brighten my day today!

The HR people were handing out vacation time today and I got 3 extra bonus days!!!! :woo-hoo:

So now I'm up to 15 vacation days this year. Actually its down from last year (had 18) but the only way I got so much was because I had accrued them from the time I started.

My 2 years here is in August, which will bump me into 18 days in 2008, but since it begins in the middle of the year they pro-rated me!
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I wish they did that for us. Although now I get 4 days sick time instead of 3. Gongrats on 3 bonus days!
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Congrats!!! I love extra days off! lol

Before I became a nurse and was working in the legal field, I would keep track of my overtime and take it in lieu of time off instead of time and a half pay. I would have had a better deal (money wise) if I had taken the time and a half pay, but I much prefer to have a day off Unfortunately we can't do that at the hospital because of our union, so we have no choice but to take the pay.
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More time off is good for anyone!

Let's see... I get 15 days vacation, plus 9 personal days, plus 9 holidays... 29 days! That's like almost 6 work weeks!
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Ooo! And I also get the week between Christmas and New Years off to!

The only down side to this though is if I get sick, that time comes out of my vacation (its more correctly terms Paid Time Off).
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I don't get any DH will have 247 hours that he will get paid for when he hands in his resignation, so that's GREAT
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I used to have sick days and accrued vacation days but when we got bought out we lost not only our insurance, but all that too. Now I only get two weeks a year of vacation and no more, and no sick days. So when I get sick I just go home. I'm salary so they have to pay me for 40 hours no matter what.
Fortunately I never have been sick more then one day that I went home for last year.
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