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Sad News

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Sad news today. One of my feral kittens who had NOT
been thriving (there may have been somthing wrong with her)
came up meowing piteously to me last night. I was able to pick her
up put in my coat and take home. She was hypothermic... I put her on a heating pad, fed warmed milk and cuddled her. She purred for me, then
curled up on the heat pad. I checked her many times before bed, and
at midnight she was still alive and breathing. I left her, thinking she'd make it through the night.

She didn't. She died sometime in the night. I found her streched out, as cats do when they are warm, with her little eyes half opened. I don't think she had a hard passing... I think she just stopped breathing or her heart gave out....

She was skin and bones when I got to her I wished I could have gotten her sooner...the humane society had finally agreed to take her on,

But then with my Lexi being seriously ill (poisoned by something
outdoors, that took a while to show up, and showed up when/while I was away on holiday - grand mal sizures, 3 vet trips and 2,200 dollars later she's on the road fingers crossed to health again...) made it hard for me to think of her... I kept trying but wasn't able to get her till yesterday.. when she practically begged me. She must have been in pain and afraid and cold. But she still asked me for help. And she purred for me last night after her milk and cuddles. She KNEW she was being loved and cared for.

its sad, but I did my best. I am looking now to trap the others - and get them fixed. I have one other person helping, but with the cost of Lexi, I'm clean out of money. Its so frustrating that no one wants to help these throwaway cats. I can barely feed them.... let alone get them fixed trapped ect. But I'll keep plugging away and try to do my best.

Send prayers for me and Lexi, and for the ferals of Carradoc. At least she had me.. they have me... looking out for them as best I can...
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so sorry
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I am truly sorry. I wish you luck with trapping your remaining feral cats to be spayed/neutered. I would also contact the MCAT team:


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A neighbor brought me a day-old infant kitten; he still had an umbilical cord attached to him. We attempted to keep him warm and fed. I put him on my chest to keep him warm as I slept, but he fell off and at some point my hand accidentally struck him.

The next morning he appeared to be OK but had blood around his nose; a few hours later he began mewing and shivering. We warmed him and attempted to feed him but he wouldn't and couldn't take it--minutes later he was unmistakeably dead. I wasn't quite right for a week or two after that, but I'm now on the job and nothing is going to take me off of it. I never want to see another case like that again....
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