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Oh I miss my boys!

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I was on the phone with my mother yesterday telling her how much I miss my NY boys... and then this morning she sent me this picture from yesterday afternoon:

Oh I miss my Az!
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Awwww look at those babies cuddling how sweet! Sorry you are missing your babies
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Aww.... It must be hard for you to be separated from them. I bet they think of you often too. You could always get your mum to send daily snapshots of them to you, or would that be too hopeful?
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Aww thanks guys!

I think daily pics would probably kill me. See, the three boys in NY (Azrael, John Doe and Jack in my sig) are very attached to each other. They've been living together for, hmmm, about 8 years now, so I would never seperate them... And Az is too sick to travel.. he's healtheir than he was, but he still can't see very well. Mom thinks he can only see shadows or something like that because if you make small movements he has no clue, but if you make very grand gestures he's on to you in a heartbeat. He still won't jump up on anything except the bed because he can't figure out where things start and end... so the other two boys really help guide him through the house.

With all that, I think it would be traumatic to him to toss him into a new house, especially with two large dogs since he is the original fraidy cat. He would be ok with them if he could see, but not like this...

And while I love all my furkids, Az was always my special buddy... so it's killing me that he can't be here, but I know its best for him if he stays with my mother.

I miss him so much that yesterday I told my vet that if she knew of any orange tabby male polydactyl kitties up for adoption to give me a call. LOL She thought I was nuts! I guess it is kind of a tall order
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