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Has anyone been to Aruba?

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I was just considering it as a a honeymoon destination as I have won a free stay at a hotel, but is the island very expensive?

Any info anyone has about it will be very gratefully received. I've looked on the tourism website and that's been helpful but it's always good to get a TCS view!
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I've never been, but a friend at work just went there over Christmas. I'll poke him for some details....
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I have been and I loved it but it was a long time ago. All the taxi cabs were mercedes, and we rode horses on the beach and there was a cool casino. Other than that I have no clue what the prices were, but it was almost 20 years ago. It is One Happy Island, as they say. Also it's only like 20 miles long!
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My brother goes 3-4 times a year and absolutely loves it!
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OK, my friend Barry said it's not much more than here in the States. Nice resturants, prices about the same, along with the shopping. Said a week rental car is proably $400 (kinda high I think) but the free hotel is a good thing.
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My in-laws went to Aruba last year and loved it! They said it was very beautiful and very clean. I think the water there is especially clean. I looked into going there once and it seemed to be cheaper than a lot of other places in the Caribbean.
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Thanks everyone, we really want to go, but the hotel we would be staying at would be expensive to eat in (Marriott), so it's good to know that it won't be too expensive to eat out
My soon to be DH wants to go so much that he said he'd only eat once per day if necessary - I think he really wants to go!!
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