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Possible new addition!!! I need help!

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Ok, so last night Ceci's foster mom called me up asking if I was still interested in adding a second cat.

About a month ago I asked her to be on the look out for a Siamese mix, because my first kitty was a Siamese/Snowshow whatever mix.

Well she tells me there is a 6ish month old female kitten at one of the shelters and asked me if I was interested. She sent me a picture, and the poor baby looks absolutely frightened.

I really do want her, and I need some opinions one this baby!!
Also, what color is she?

I've called the woman and left a message saying im definately interested. The shelter said they would be spaying her this week so she wont be home for another week or two, but thats fine with me.

Please help!!

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Congrats on maybe getting a new baby

I'm confused though...what do you have questions about?
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Ah, lol! I dont have many questions on her, just wanted to get everyones opinions.

I was also curious as to what her coloring is called?

The thing that worried me most when I saw her hanging off the enclosure like that is that she may be a wild one and if she likes to climb I will have to order up some Soft Paws NOW so she wont scratch much.

But maybe shes just scared?
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Eh, Trout would be doing the same thing... I'm not sure of the colouring as I am no expert on that stuff!!

Someone should be along shortly to help you out
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well the dark coloring is either seal or chocolate I can't really tell from the picture but she's a snowshoe I believe. And as for her being a climber some cats just like to climb and it doesn't mean they are wild.
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Ok, just a quick update. Im feeling alot better about this girl. Cecis foster mom tells me she was the pet of the shelter directors sister. But this is where the story angers me. She gave her up because she was 5 months and didnt want her because she was going into heat. HELLO! How can you not spay this girl, especially when her brother is the shelter director and couldve got her a fabulous price. Ive never met this woman and I already know what kind of person she is!

But anyway, she is approximately 5-6 months (maybe older, she looks big!) and she was a housecat, and is good with other cats. She'll be spayed today or tommorrow and will be at her foster moms home on Saturday. If she seems okay and not too freaked i'll have her by Sunday. If not, by next weekend so she can be better evaluated.
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She's adorable! I think her face looks a little like a raccoon.
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
She's adorable! I think her face looks a little like a raccoon.
LOL! Thank you so much. I knew her face had a sor of look that I couldnt place and I think raccoon says it perfectly!
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she's adorable! congrats-she looks like she's feisty. My siamese mix girl would be climbing up on something that looked like that enclosure. Esp. at 5 months old! Can't wait to see pictures when she in her furever home.
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