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I voted cold. I grew up in what I view as the perfect climate. We had all four seasons. Showers and flowers in the spring, HOT summers, crisp falls, and winters that got down to the 30's, only every so occasionally cold enough to show us snow rather than rain. I miss North Georgia.

California sucks.
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balmy.. I hate cold winters.. it's been in the 40's lately here but we still have snow.
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If it's not going to be sunny and 75, then it better be snowing, that's all I have to say!
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Snow stopped being fun as soon as I bought my own house on a corner lot.

So far this year my monthly heating bill hasn't topped $200. Compared to last year's $400 a month? I'll take this winter's warm weather. The ski resorts can cry all they want. I like being able to afford to stay warm AND eat.
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Warm and balmy. You don't have to shovel "balmy".

Had my fill of snow back during the blizzards of the late 1970s.
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We ALWAYS have "nice balmy winters" here in Memphis I would LOVE to have a little snow every now and then and cool enough weather to start a fire and have a nice cup of hot chocolate by it.
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I would perfer a warm and balmy one. It is cold here and "Uncle Arthur" likes to visit my joints a lot in the winter!
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I voted warm. I dont have heat in my car. lol.
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I voted warm..see I dont like really hot weather or cold weather than again I am always cold..it will be like 50 out side and i am in a coat and saying that im cold
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I'm from South Florida......and we don't do cold. I voted warm!
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Show me the snow
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