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I don't know if its been posted but there is an update in this case.


Apparently they broke the law in WAshington by sterilizing a minor without court consent.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
We spay and neuter our animals for their own benefit (and for the benefit of the ones who will never be born), 'imprison' them in artificial surroundings against their nature to keep them safe, and make the decision to put them to sleep to prevent them suffering. We keep them dependent on us for food, shelter and love and some animal psychologists say that this means they are perpetually in a state of infancy or at least adolescence. All this is considered ethical and right by the vast majority of people. And yet when it comes to doing the same thing for humans most people would cry out in horror and disgust, even when the human concerned cannot make any decision for themselves and the people who are responsible are doing it out of love and care. Yes, there must be safeguards, and that is what the professionals and the courts are for, but there have been too many cases of mentally incapacitated people being taken advantage of and living terrible lives for anyone to say that these parents are wrong in wanting to protect their daughter. I am not sure about the hormonal treatments to keep her small, but I can see why they consider that she would not be able to cope with a woman's body. Just my thought.
Good point. Their daughter is like a baby. What would be the point of her having an adult body but baby's mind? And we spay and neuter pets who are normal, and nobody sees any problem wiht that.
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Im not a parent so i cant say what it feel likes to have a disabled child. I saw this story on tv a few months ago and visited their website. On the one hand it shocked me that they decided she should have a mastectomy and hysterectomy at such a young age, and it was like taking half of what makes her 'her' away. It still creeps me out a little. But they obviousely want to spend their lives making sure she is looked after and that she lives for a long time, and they needed to make it as easy as possible. I really don't know what to think, im on the fence.
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