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Vibes Needed

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My day started at 1:30pm today. I was shocked that I slept that long and they kitties let me. I first checked on Molly who was under the bed instead of sleeping on me. She looked ok but was sleepy. She came out to sleep at hubby's chair for 2 hours before hiding under the bed again. She hasn't eaten much since this morning. She loves her treats and hasn't begged for them at all. We tried dinner, treats, dry food & then tuna. I only saw her urinate once today. If she doesn't perk up by tomorrow morning I will get her to the vet. I just hope my sweetie is ok. She is usually full of love. Hubby said she wanted to play this morning but we keep her locked up with me after he leaves at 6am. I hope she is just mad and not sick.
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Vibes for your {({({({({(Molly)})})})})} that everything is ok and she's just having an off day. Hugs for you while waiting to find out.
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Sending lots of good vibes your way! Feel better, beautiful girl!
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Hubby said she didn't come out this morning for food. He just left 30 minutes ago. I got her out from under the bed and she peed in the litter. She then wanted out of the room but came back in minutes. She won't eat her treats or drink water. I have no idea how she peed. I wiped the litter with tissues and it isn't bloody. I am going to stay up worrying until the vet opens and hubby gets home.

Does the cat flu hit in hours?
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Im not sure about cat flu, but I am sending vibes that Molly starts feeling better.
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I hope she gets better soon! good thoughts to you.
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Sending positive thoughts to you and little Molly. Hope all goes well at the vet. Keep us posted.
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Well Molly has a 104 fever. Good/Bad news is she sneezed blood when they did the blood work. Good news is she only does it at home and someone else has seen it. Bad news is the vet is concerned about this. They consulted my other vet and are sticking to antihistamine for the bloody nose. She also got fluids, a shot for the fever and antibiotics. The vet said stress/overexcited could have caused the nose bleed. Anyone understand blood work results? I missed half of what she said but she wasn't concerned about the results.

What a month! $700 in vet bills. I just hope no one else gets sick. Thanks for the vibes. I hope she starts eating tomorrow.
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Here are some {{{get well soon}}} and {{{eat for your Meowmy}}} vibes for Molly. I hope all the meds kick in soon and she starts to feel better and gets her appetite back.
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I hope Molly is better soon!
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Oh I hope she's going to be ok! Vibes for it being nothing major and that she has a very quick recovery. Sometimes when I have a cold and sneeze I burst a capilliary in my nose and have a little bit of bleeding, so I hope she's not got anything more serious than that.
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So far she has been out of the bedroom for 10 hours. I had to get her out from under the bed though. First we gave her the antibiotic and she then had some treats. She threw up about 2 hours later. I also tried to give her the antihistamine but she started foaming at the mouth b/c she tasted it. Then around dinner time she had some tuna. She later threw that up after going potty-both ends She hasn't had water today. I am concerned about that. I did use the syringe twice to give her water. Her spirit is much better. Before her eyes were sunken in and she wouldn't let us touch her. Thanks for the vibes!
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She isn't eating or drinking yet. She is using the litter box. They gave her fluids on Thursday. When should I be really concerned??? She only had one antibiotic so far. I have to give the second one today.
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I wish I knew what to say...I take it your vet didn't tell you when to expect your cat to start drinking again after the fluids? Can you call your vet's office and share your concerns, and ask about the eating & drinking?
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I would be concerned. Let us know what the vet says. Continued vibes for Molly
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I am sending get well and feel better soon vibes to your sweet Molly
When in doubt always call your vet to ease your mind.
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I agree with the others about speaking with your vet again. If your worried then you are right to be worried, we all know what it feels like when our kits are "off colour" even when things are ok in a couple of days, its a rotten feeling and speaking with a vet can help ease things for you
Heres whizzing tons of get well soon >>>>>> vibes <<<<<<< to Molly and some from my kits too
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I called the Vet and spoke to another lady. They said that cats can go a week without eating though they don't like to see that. She said to keep an eye on her and call Monday if things don't improve. She also suggested to keep the ER vet number on hand, which we have. Molly did throw up over 4 hours after the antibiotic. It was yellow which reminds me of sinus stuff. The vet said we need to give the antibiotics time to work. Molly's mood is pretty good. She played for 2 minutes and is purring like crazy. Still no food or water.

Hubby said she woke him up this morning which is the first time since Thursday. She asked for food but didn't eat it. She is going potty on her own too.

Thanks everyone! I will update later.
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Cats cannot go a week without eating. Their liver will start to shut down. I always heard they cannot go longer than 24 hours.
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Oh poor Molly. Vibes and prayers that she feels better soon.
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Here are some {{{eat Molly}}} vibes. I've always heard that cats cannot go over 48 hours without eating. As Pam said, liver damage can occur if they don't eat. I don't understand the woman at your vets office saying they can go a week without eating.
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Checking in on Molly. You will have to start syringe feeding her if she has had absolutely nothing to eat or drink, longer than 24-48. Have you called back the vet? She can cannot go a week without eating, if they are telling you that, speak with the vet directly.
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Molly is finally asking for food and eating a tiny bit. We have been adding water to the can food for moisture. She isn't one to drink water out of a bowl so it's hard to judge the water intake. She seems to be responding to the antibiotics. She woke hubby up this morning with kisses again Thanks everyone!
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YAY! Molly is doing much better. I didn't sleep much b/c of it. I went to bed really late and she was starving & excited to see me come to bed. She has eaten several times today and hasn't thrown up. The vet called to check on her and said she might need antibiotics for another 2 weeks & for us to keep an eye on her. I am so happy!!! Thanks Everyone
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It's so good to hear that Molly is eating again. I hope that continues. Here are some {{{keep eating, Molly}}} vibes. It's good that the vet called to check on her. At least he is interested and cares about her.
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Fantastic news! Keep eating Molly
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Thank God that Molly is eating agin! Get well, Molly!
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