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So if you are like me, you have problems getting your kids (and husband) to remember what to do.
I read this online and i thought it was a neat idea.

You basically have a flower pot or whatever you want and you make chore cards on a popsicle stick and then you put the chore in the person's flower pot.

So here is my basket and my daughter's flower pot for tomorrow's things to do. There are 3 for us and one is for the chores that have been done or don't need to be done at the moment.

I let her draw some of the chores out and some other ones I did. The face of the cat is "pick up all the cat toys that are laying around". We have water plant, put the dirty clothes in the hamper, pick up the cats toys and straighten room.

Somehow though, mine is the most filled...

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Aw, that is such a cute idea..I love the little pictures on yours
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Aww what a cute idea!
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WOW! I love it!! What a great idea! My kids are teens now, but I still need to keep track of the basic stuff - clean your room, laundry, dishes, etc. That is great! Thanks so much!
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