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Vibes needed for Precious, she's spending the night at the vets

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I just posted about my Precious that came home after being missing for 6 months. Today I took her to the vet to be checked out since she seemed to be increasingly lethargic and her breathing was too rapid for my comfort.

I had checked her temp with one of those ear thermometers yesterday and she didn't register as having a temperature, but the vet said those aren't too good with cats so she checked and it was 105.

She asked if she could test for FeLuk and I said yes, but asked if it would show positive since she's been vaccinated for it in the past. They said with the test they do it won't.

I sure hope she's going to be OK. I can't imagine losing her now to illness. They told me to call around noon if I haven't heard from them so I should know something for sure by mid-day tomorrow.

I felt so bad leaving her there. She's probably wondering why I would take her away after she struggled to get back home. I'm hoping it is just a cold that can be cleared up with meds and rest. We did have some pretty heavy cold rain recently and she may have been out in it heading for home.
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i just read your previous post, and now i read this. sending lots of vibes. precious will be in my thoughts tonight.
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gosh i'm so sorry - i just hope she needs some fluids and will be back to her normal self.
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I hope u get good news about Precious. I will pray for her.
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oh sweet Precious... stay strong little one. What an ordeal you have been through in the past months. I have no doubt you will get through this small hiccup as well.

sending lots of love from our family to yours
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Major vibes and prayers headed your way for both you and Precious. How hard this must be.
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She's always proven to be a pretty tough little ball of fur. She has ruled this roost for years with her little iron paw. (All 6 lbs. of her)

I really don't believe she would have Feline Leukemia because she was vaccinated for it 3 years straight from 2002 - 2005. She will be 5 years old this April and I plan on her being here to keep all these rambunctious girls and boys in line.

All vibes and prayers greatly appreciated!
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I'm so sorry that your poor baby finally comes home & has to spend the night at the vets! Sending lots of {{{Healthy vibes}}} for Precious.
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Sending good health vibes to Precious and hugs to you.
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I'm sending major "get well soon" vibes to Precious.
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Sending lots of vibes to you & kitty. Know all too well the
heartache you are going through. *hugs* Hope it is just
a kitty cold, or something minor and curable like that.
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Sending positive thoughts to you and Precious. Hoping she's just a little tired and hungry from her ordeal and that nothing serious is wrong.
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Fingers crossed for Precious.
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Precious is back home and doing much better.

Her temp was 105 she went in and is now 102.1. They put her on Sub Q fluids to hydrate her. She has Clavamox to take twice a day to ward off any secondary infections because they think her problem is viral.

Instructions were to spoil her with whatever she wants food wise, whether it be steak, chicken, fish. Just make sure she eats and drinks plenty. She has to return Saturday for a recheck.

She's laying on her pillow between me and the monitor again snoozing away after two big helpings of Innova Evo wet and some Max Cat dry.

I was smart this time and had them trim her nails before leaving so it won't hurt so much to give her meds. She is a small girl, but very mighty when it comes to resisting her meds.

Here's hoping my little girl bounces back fast from this little hitch in her git-a-long.

Thanks everyone for the healing vibes and prayers. We are both appreciative.
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Glad to hear she is OK
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Well this is good news, I hope she continues to get better under your loving care!
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More vibes headed your way for you and Precious. I know it must be so wonderful to have her right beside you now. Welcome home Precious!
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Hi, I'm new here but I felt as though I should post my best wishes for you and your precious Precious I know how hard it is when you know there's something wrong with your little one and they just can't tell you. Glad you got her back and I hope you both recover soon.

In other communications with my online friends, I've gotten into the habit of giving out *hugs* like many people do...so here's one just for you Precious...

Loves y great big ol' Hilda-hugs...

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I'm so glad to hear she is doing better...sending many get well vibes for her
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Sending lots of good thoughts for her continued recovery.

Cheers, from

p.s. I think the kitties know we are trying to help them when we take them to the vet.
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Thinking of you and your Precious and sending many good vibes from our home to yours
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Here's hoping Precious feels better soon. Poor baby- has to go to the vet right after coming home from a long absence. Welcome back Precious.
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Aww, I am glad she is a bit better, adn good luck with the meds.
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oh what good news ! ! glad shes on the mend, you go on and spoil her rotten, bless her little wandering tootsies
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That's good news! Vibes for a complete recovery ASAP.
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yay!! that's great!
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Precious and I just got back from her re-check a while ago.

The vet said "yes, her breathing is still labored because all of her lungs are still not working". He said pneumonia like this is one of the hardest things to get past and often takes a good three months to get over it.
He was going to send some Lysine home with me, but I told him I have plenty of that on hand. I had actually given her a dose last night thinking that even if it didn't help, it sure couldn't hurt so we're on the right track.

She has to go back Thursday to be checked again. I sure hope my little girl can hurry and get back on the "all well" list.

I told him I am giving her Lactaid milk and canned food to keep her hydrated since she doesn't seem to want to drink water and he thinks that's fine.

She just lay down and twisted her head so I can rub her ears and under her chin which tells me she's feeling a bit better at the moment.

This little girl has pretty much become the focal point of my life since coming home. We shall just continue doing what we must to get her all better.

I'll update again Thursday if not before.
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I hope she continues to get better
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Awwww great update! Continued vibes for your Precious
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