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My cat is scared of me

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I just adopted a 4 mth old tabby and a 2 month old siamese mix.

I brought them home last night and opened their boxes to let them come out on their own. The tabby was out pretty quick and was exploring. The siamese took almost an hour and even then would hide behind or under anything he could find. I just ignored him for a while, he was trying to stay away from me at all costs.

The two get along well, they play and explore together. I keep catching the siamese and holding him for a few minutes and then letting him go, holding him for longer and longer each time. He doesn't seem to be getting any more trusting of me and still tries to get away.The tabby is a little timid, but will come to me on his own for attention if I sit down.

Is this the best way to do it, I know I have only had them for one day, but I want to make sure I do this right.
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First, I would confine them to 1 room and let them adjust to their new surroundings from that one room first. Change in enviornment can be very stressful to a cat. Second, I would not go and pick up the cat. You just need to sit back and let him get comfortable in his surroundings and eventually that will include you, too.

If you want to sit in the same room as him and softly talk to him, not making direct eye contact, slowly blinking your eyes, if you do, it will help his process along. Just dont pick him up, wait for him to trust you enough to come to you.
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I will do that, thank you very much. I hope things turn out ok.
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The tabby is the right age for socialization - the other 2 month old is far too young to be in a new place - whoever had the kitten should never have let them go at 8 weeks old - especially being a siamese. If the siamese was 4 months old, you'd have a more social cat.

Also unless you confine the cats to one room at a time instead of the entire house, they will not hide so much. Its probably too overwhelming for the little one. So confine that one to a smaller room and take it a lot slower.

BTW where did you adopt them from (especially the siamese)?
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Welcome to TCS!

Pami has some wonderful suggestions. It will just take time we adopted a kitten who is now 7 months old and she still isn't the type of cat that you can pick up and cuddle, but I am staying very patient with her and I see her improving everyday.

I'm sure it will be the same with your little one
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I just went upstairs to the room that he was hiding in and sat down with some trrats. I shook the bag to get his attention and then placed a treat on the ground near my hand.

Napoleon came out from under the bed and slowly krept towards the treat. He ate it and then lied down and licked my finger. I was so excited but I held my composure and sat quiety.

I guess doing that a couple times a day will asociate me with good things for him.

The other cat, the good one, who's name I cannot pronounce (little tiger in portuguese) was playing a jumping in the garbage bin beside me, so he isnot concerned with me at all, I gave him a treat too so it would be fair.

Edit: The pregnant mother of the siamese was found in a backlane and give birth in someones garage. The person took all of them to the humane society and left them. I knew Napoleon was going to be a challenge, I am fine with that. I just want to make sure this cat is given the proper life it deserves.

By the way, Napoleon has the same birthday as me =)
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Bless you for adopting these 2 little ones!!

It's just going to take lots of time and lots of patience. Your little baby has been separated from his mom & siblings and is in a totally new environment. The poor little thing is scared to death! As soon as he connects you to food, treats, and play he'll start acting less scared. As soon as he gets comfy in your house and gets used to the noises and sounds, he'll most likely become more socialable.

Keep a radio playing softly in the room, or put a CD of classical music on. Sit in the room and read the newspaper, read a magazine, read a catalog, read your junk mail! Just let them get used to your voice. Don't approach the cat, don't attempt to pick up the cat. Let him come to you. Talk to them about your day, what you're doing when you're in there feeding them, cleaning the litter box, etc. Lastly, get a couple of toys on wands, something like DaBird or a feather boa type thing and use it to entice him out from his hiding place. I wouldn't get anything that makes noise just yet as it might scare him, thus defeating the purpose of the toy.

More than anything, just be patient and celebrate the baby steps!

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Thank you so much to everyone!!!!

Napoleon is doing great, he is being very friendly. He is still a little skiddish if i move too fast, but he will come to me and let me scratch him for a bit. He follows me aroundand meows for attention now.

I did get a little scared for a bit, I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. I searched for an hour until I found a small hole under the bathroom cabinet that allowed him to crawl under it. Not wanting to tear apart my bathroom, I sat outside the hole and shook the treat bag till his nose poked out. Once he was out i covered up the hole with a piece of wood. Sneaky little guy.

Anyone who is reading this and has a behaviour problem with their cat, take the tips above into consideration. In less then 24hrs I saw a HUGE improvement in Napoleon. I know we are going to have some great times together, thank again!

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I applaud you giving these kittens a safe, loving home! As far as Napolean sneaking in a tight hiding place, I would just be sure he never has access to a basement or somewhere he could get into vents or inside the walls.............maybe make him a secure hiding place so he has that place to go. Some cats need that safety zone where they can hide and will find one no matter what! You did a great thing encourage him out instead of forceing! That allows him to trust you and this is so important if he ever does get into something and needs help getting out! My beloved Pandi had fallen down 10 feet in an air duct and I lost my mind ! I had to rip a huge section of the wall out, cut a hole in the duct, by this point she was freaked from all the noise to get through the wall and she krept further in the duct! So after the police left, yes I was so freaked I called the police...., I dangled a piece of filet mignon on a string and softly called her, it took a half hour but she came out! She was 14 when that happened, I was never so greatful!!!!!!!! The worst thing was it was my fault, I forgot the cover was'nt on the vent! She was perfectly fine, but I am sure she had one heck of a headache!!!
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Congrats on two new babies

Your littlest one just needs some more time adjusting to you. As others have said, keep him in one room so he can get used to it and feel safe. Go in frequently and sit down on the floor and read a book out loud. That will give him a chance to get used to your voice. Keep giving treats as you have been. Also most cats love to get brushed, so if you have a kitty brush hold it out to him and let him rub up against it. As he gets used to it, move it a little, but not too much because you don't want to scare him. But the main thing is spending time in the room with him and letting him hear your voice, so reading out loud is a good idea.
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I'd say that Napoleon is adjusting very quickly. It will take a little time for him to trust you, but as long as he associates you with food and affection, things will go well.
If he's naughty, don't spank him! but use something he does NOT associate with you (a small squirt gun is good but air blown in his face is better.)
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I'd say he's adjusting quickly as well. When we got our Simba he was 6 months old and I swear he lived in a cage at the breeder's for all those months. He was terrified and hid behind our headboard for 1 whole month. It took a lot of patience and soft talking before I was able to get close enough to even touch him. After that he got better and better and ended up being the biggest baby and lap cat you would ever see. He loved to be carried around upside down like a baby and I could barely get comfortable sitting before he was up on my lap.

Congratulations on your new babies and may they bring you as much joy as our kitties have brought to us.
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Awww! So glad things are improving! Sounds like he likes you already, but he's still testing you to make sure you're "the real deal". I'm sure in no time he'll be your favorite admirer.

Just last night my 10 yo, Callie, gave me a fright. I called and called her to come to bed (she's indoor only, but has a bed in our bedroom where she sleeps at night) and she would not come. I figured she was in the living room looking out the window as she's prone to do. She wasn't there. I turned the house upside down looking for her...nowhere, not in any of her hiding spots, not in any of the closets...nowhere!! Finally I got the flashlight and went searching again...moved the furniture, opened all the closet doors, looked in cabinets, finally ventured into our junk room. I started moving boxes when I saw a little movement from behind the corner unit desk. Then I saw her EAR!! She was resting behind the desk!! That cat!! She promptly got up and went down the hall and got in her bed in the bedroom. Stinker!

Stephanie, whose blocked access to the spot behind the desk!
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