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i think we got ripped off please help!

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Ok we went and looked at the kitties today and o my there was so many and they are so cute...we are getting a siamese and we brought home today a little gray kitten...but I seen the add in the paper and it says that kitten 14 weeks and up and cats spayed and nuetered $25 to good we got charged $50 today for the one cat and we are getting charge d$50 when we go back for the siamese and we might have to get her spayed and the lady we think wanted to keep the siamese and she wasnt happy at how well the cat opened up to me i sat on the floor and she jumped on my lap!!! I feel in love so we decided we wanted her and its like she is trying to talk us out of her and we really want her we got a huge house and we take care of our animals I am here 24/7 and anything a cat wants they get I am a sucker but the advertisment is for all cats and we did just take 2 off of her hands and we are also taking my grandma up there to adopt one soon...and we also gotta sing contracts and such which we figured but like the false advertising thats why we were taking to all cats $25 and they are already spayed and that right that I am reacting like this because she went from $50 withing 10 minutes and I also have the newspaper ad and I can actually bring it up what should I do????? We love these 2 cats but 50 each was out of our reach and we are still getting the siamese and everything but i feel like i am being ripped off by false advertising (o ya her house is a mess but with a lot of cats I guess u can expect that) Am I over reacting...all advice is greatly appreciated....(this was all my money my mom was going to buy one and i was buying the other and well now what am I supposed to do??) O yes for the Siamese name we picked Tessa and for the gray we picked Blue
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To be quite honest- this person you are getting the cats from does not sound like a reputable breeder. If anything, she sounds like a BYB. I do applaud her/him for making sure the animals are spayed/neutered before being placed into homes though. Does the cost also include vaccinations? Who is this breeder affiliated with? (TICA,CFA??) / Also - to be honest though- $50 is not expensive is she is including the cost of spay/neuter/ vaccinations/ food/ shelter,etc....most breeders, at least most reputable ones charge a bit more. It sounds like this lady just didn't have her cat fixed and is just trying to get rid of the kittens. I could be wrong....but it just sounds that way since you found her in the paper and all and she's fishy on prices and contracts. There are some wonderful people on TCS who breed and are familiar with common practices etc...they will probably be more help than me- hopefully one of them will come along shortly and give you some good advice. Do you have any referals from people who have purchased a kitty from this person before? I'd be checking into health records of previously adopted kitties and personalities...other issues like that
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shes not a breeder she actually rescues them and puts most of the cats in her home to make them adoptable and the cost of $25 was supposed to include the spay/nueter cost....thats why we are so confused...I give her credit because she rescues them but the advertisment in the thing so she can get rid of all the cats (she has soooo many) and she gets the spaying for free or at good rates we heard her telling people and she told us before but now she said she paid for this cats and such....its just really confusing she confused me over 7 times about the cat we handed her $50 and then she was about to take the cat back home with her I was like wait we are taking her with us now right and then she said if u want...she was soo confusing and I just checked the paper and the same ad is in there so i hope it was a misunderstanding and she charged us for both you know but if not well then that is false advertising am i right? It says $25 to good homes and u would of thought that she would of been happy we came for 1 we seen how many cats were there so now we got and my mom talked my grandma into getting another cat and she is getting people she knows so this lady will have more room and ect. you kno so I just though from what she said it was weird and I remembered the ad because thats why we called her and she was real nice and reasonable until today after we decided to take the siamese and we were actually undecided about the second one but she brought it and my mom origianly liked her too so we ended up with her (guess that helped because we were undecidied so many cuties so hard to choose) So now my mom is going to ask her about it idk if its tonite or tomarrow shes gonna call her but no mattr what we want the siamese she is a doll and she took to me really well and that lady was shocked at that..i sat and she jumped on my lap and on my shoulder o my what a cutie i am a sucker so we just have to see but I love to hear anyone elses opinions on would be very helpful and such !!!!
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Sorry- I live in London and a cost of $50 for a Siamese is ridiculously cheap even for 'rescue' cats imho.
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Did the lady know that you're coming back for the siamese? Perhaps you paid for both at the same time: 2 cats x $25 = $50.

I would definitely ask though. And bring in the newspaper ad. When we were looking for houses to rent a few months ago, the landlords advertised different prices to see which paper worked the best.
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ya the lady knows but she keeps saying if it doesnt work out I will take her back but we are willing to work with her and such and we def want her...and whenever i said ill pay her now for the little one the kitten who is 7 months she said it was $50.00 and she said we will make arrangments about the siamese by Friday and when she will get spayed and such...its just a little rediculous i think that she kept confusing us and everything about but we are helping her by taking 2 possibly 3...the only thing is that we would come back for the siamese when she gets better she is sick now and we cant afford to get the others sick or anything and she hasnt taken her to the vet or anything but has been giving her antibiotics now one of her friends said that the cat might be sick from something in the chicks house...he doesnt think its the cat at all...and he works and helps her out with we are making arrangements for friday i do believe so lets all hope it is a misunderstanding and we just payed for both of them !
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There seems to me to be no reason why you can't call the lady and ask her exactly what you have paid for as there seems to be some confusion over the price. Ask her politely why the cost in the ad is $25 and why you have paid $50 - say you assumed it covered both cats. And ask about who covers the spay/neuter. It does all sound incredibly cheap though, and a bit unrealistic. In future never hand over money unless you are sure what it is for - no-one will ever mind explaining.
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WOW! $50! That's cheap! Don't get me wrong - I understand what you're saying about the false advertising and you definitely should pursue it, but $50 itself for a rescue is way cheap. Mine were all about $80 - $110 and I was thankful for that price because spays, neuters, vet costs are expensive. I thought I saved a lot! Where do you live? I want to adopt where you are.
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What I want to know is how you went to a rescue to adopt one cat and came out adopting two.
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Hurray for your family and you adopting TWO and possibly THREE cats Sounds like the poor lady is getting overwhelmed She should be giving you both cats for $50, like the ad said. I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that it all works out well for you; it's what's best for the cats!! By the way, any pics to share yet?
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It almost sounds like this woman is taking advantage of you because you are young and she probably thinks she can get away with it.

If it were me in your place, I would get my mom to call or visit and straight out ask her why the difference in pricing from what it says in the paper to what she is charging you. She may well back down when confronted with an older adult that may push back.
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Update: I had my mom called I told her because I covered half of Blue and I was going to do the same for Tessa but I just dont have enough..(I gotta buy cat things like for all of them) But my mom said how much do I owe u and they lady now came up with $60...she is saying well that is covering the spay and the shots and such which is ok I guess but...its still not what it says in the I think my mom wants to wait to confront her in person rather than on the know what I mean and have the paper there and such...we also had on all of our QVC jewelery she probly thought we were rich because its diamonique my mom was like I told u we shouldnt have wore our jewlery But see it is also my mom purchasing the cats for her and I went to pay for Blue until she told me the price and also Blue we brought home last night is SICK, so we are also bringing that up...So we also have to call the now we gotta also tell the lady to hold the siamese until sometime next week so she dont get sick seeing how she just got spayed...we are also hoping my two dont get sick ecspecially stormie who just got spayed as well...the lady knows we are def taking Tessa tho..we also wanna clear some rooms like we are going to open my closet up and such so theres more room in my room and also the computer room (which became a storage room)....we want to have everything in order ecspecially if she ends up having to stay in my room...I need more room so we have to make that!! So my moms calling her today to discusse all of this and shes questioning the prices in person with the paper present so lets hope all goes well
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
Hurray for your family and you adopting TWO and possibly THREE cats Sounds like the poor lady is getting overwhelmed She should be giving you both cats for $50, like the ad said. I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that it all works out well for you; it's what's best for the cats!! By the way, any pics to share yet?
there is pics...its in the photos thread and its called Blue..the new kitties...thats just for the kitten no siamese pics yet but once she comes there will be LOTS...I have a camera that hold over 200 photos on my memory card and let me tell u theres about 20 left and most of the photos are of the kitties..its time to upload/print/ then delete
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You said this lady rescues these cats and rehomes them. So some of them are probably in poor condition when they first arrive in her home. It's possible the prices for cats and kittens START at $25.00 and go up from there depending on how much veterinary care and etc each individual animal has needed.

And if you haven't already done this, please take your new cats to a vet for a thorough exam just to be safe.
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I'm so happy for those kittens, getting out of the crazy lady house! So sorry she keeps messing with you over the prices, but it's worth it to maybe be saving their lives

When I got Kitty from Petco, she cost 100$ after also donating a toy to spca. We took her to the suggested vet appt, and she was pretty sick (they are supposed to be guaranteed healthy) with massive ear mites and a respitory infection and 50% underweight So ended up costing a bit more in the long run, but totally worth it as she now has a happy home for life. I think cats know when you are helping them. Your kittens obviously want out of that house and I hope it gets easier
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We paid 45 for Coco and she had Shots. She was well worth it and is now 16.
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The kitties were worth it most definetly my problem was how she just kept jumping back and fourth through everything! Also she still advertises them $40 now, she did up the price! Im so happy I got Blue though, they both been here for over a year (blue and tessa) and Blue is just such the cuddler, and Tessa she has defiently become a new cat, she is loves people now and is more trusting of everyone!

So they both were worth the price for sure!
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I don't know anything about breeders, but $50 doesn't seem like a lot to me if you and the kitty have a good connection.
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Wow, we paid $105/kitten when we adopted from the SPCA, so that actually sounds cheap! I would be kind of annoyed if the prices kept changing too though!
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