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Ultrasound appointment yesterday

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Yesterday I had my *big* ultrasound. It turns out that we're having a boy! (= Everything else checked out a-ok (it is a medical procedure, you know), and our due date has been confirmed for 15 May 2007!

As soon as I get some of the pictures scanned, I'll try and post one or two. Hubby and I are really, really excited. Just wanted to share our good news!

Oh, and we're going to name him Jude Isaac. (=
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Congratulations I like the names you have chosen very much.
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Oh Wow how wonderful for you Love the name
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Excellent! Love the names. Congratulations to you both.
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What wonderful news. Congratulations. Love the name!
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Congratulations Jillian! What an exciting time this for you. Just watch out - these next 5 months will just FLY by!
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Thanks, everyone. (= I can't wait for the little bugger to get here!
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Wonderful news, and love that name!! Cant wait to see those pics.
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Thats awesome!
now all the great stuff begins...the nickname while he's in your belly, the room decorating, the big plans for his birth. Congrats!
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Thats so exciting, I just love the name! Congratulations!
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Congradulations!!! That's soo exciting! I love the name Isaac too! My nephew is named Isaac
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Congratulations!!, I can't wait to see the pics
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Congratulations! Those are wonderful names!
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Awe congrats to you!

I love the name Jude!!
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Awwwww, how exciting!!
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Yay! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats! If you have him on the 14th he will share a BD with my Dad and older sister! Isnt it exciting finding out what your having! I love the name BTW. Why cant I choose a name? I only have 8 weeks left and my girl is known as Lava Girl!
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Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!
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