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Hi all!!
My name is Jena and I am getting my first cat ever.
We are getting a Raggdoll! And I am so excited to get one they are such a nice breed.
Looking forward to all the help I will get from all of you.
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your new furbabe! Do you have a kitten picked out? Do you have a name for him/her yet? New babies are always so exciting. We've got another member who is anticipating the arrival of her Ragdoll. I'm very jealous of both of you. Ragdolls are such beautiful cats.

Feel free to ask anything on this board. We have people with lots and lots of knowledge who can help you through just about anything. And certainly don't worry about asking "dumb" questions. We all started somewhere and will be more than happy to help.
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Thank you
The kittens were just born on 9/11/02 two males and four females.
I do not have a name picked out as of yet am waiting untill I can go see them to decide that.
I have gone and gotten alot of stuff already for the little guy like toys and a litter box.
I am really excited being a clicker trainer for dogs for five years I am ready to have fun with a kitten and trai it to do all kinds of neat stuff like I have with my dogs.
I am planning on going through the Delta Society with this cats and being able to take it to nursing homes and hospitals.

Thank you
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