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LItter Maid Automatic Litter Box

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Does anyone know anything about the Litter Maid automatic litter boxes? I have heard that they are loud and stop running often.
I am getting a Ragdoll kitten and have dogs and feel this would be the best way to keep the dogs out of the litter.
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I can't help with the LitterMaid question -- I've never used one. But, I do have a friend that has a dog and a cat and he bought a litter chest from www.bigfatkittycat.com. It's like a wooden blanket chest with a lid and a hole in the side for kitty to enter and exit. It's impossible for a dog to get his head in there because of the inside configuration (hard to explain, but you can see pics at the web site). Anyway, it worked for him.

I purchased one myself just because I liked it. Much nicer than a regular litter box. I covered the lid with batting and fabric to make it look even nicer.
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I don't have a LitterMaid, but have heard mixed things about them. Some people love them and wouldn't ever do without them.

Some of the bad things I've heard, though are as follows. Some cats are afraid of the motor, and thus will never use it. Some cats think it is a great toy, but not for potty purposes. Some kitties leave very large pee-balls and the Littermaid can't lift them and gets clogged up.

I know the list of bad looks longer than the good, but some people really swear by them. You may want to ask your breeder if they use a product like that. If they do then the transition would be minimal.

There are also other products on the market that do essentially the same thing as the LitterMaid, but are more expensive. The LitterRobot comes to mind, and I know there is an actual flushing litterbox that you hook up to your toilet pipes!
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Thank you for the help some very interesting.
Looks like they make that box big enough for a Ragdoll.
Something to think about.
Thank you
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My friend has a Maine Coon cat, so he bought the tall litter chest, which works fine for him.

I bought the original litter chest and my 17 lb. cat uses it with no problem.
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