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Jerks! I hope what comes around, goes around!!!!

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I'm sitting here at home, just about ready to go to work, and listening to our police/fire scanner. Well, there is one house that a neighbor just called about. Seems this family was renting this house and they moved the day after Christmas!!!! The neighbor was out walking his dog and noticed movement from the window of the now empty home! He went over to peek inside and saw that the family had left thier dog behind!!!!!!!! Now that dog has been in that house for 7 days by herself!!! No word on if there was food or anything! I'm sure not though, the big dopes!!! Boy, I sure as heck can't imagine the reason why some people do the things they do. I hope they find them, bring them back, stick them in that house for 70 days with no food or water and see how they like it! I just can't stand it!
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Get your out Susie! I agree 110%!!!!
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with no way to even get food or get out to use the bathroom....that's so traumatizing.....the poor dog will be terrified to be left alone ever again....
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I agree! That's just so upsetting.
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That makes me sick! That poor dog would be worried wondering when its owners were coming back for it!
So who will take the dog? I wish I had a home big enough for all these poor babies
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POor puppy! How sick are you to leave a helpless animal behind!?
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
POor puppy! How sick are you to leave a helpless animal behind!?
That goes beyond sick in my book...........
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You don't "just forget" the dog...especially after 7 days.

Hopefully the police will get in contact with the landlord. By law the tenants must provide their forwarding address (umm..especially if they want the deposit back).
Then hopefully the police will track the morans down!!!
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That is awful, and sadly, happens a lot with pet dogs and cats.

That poor sweet dog was probably wondering madly where it's family had gone - people never, ever think of things from their animal's perspective. To that poor dog, it would be as if our parents, brothers and sisters just left with no word. It must be terribly confused. People are despicable sometimes.
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This really deserves an EYE FOR AN EYE!!!!!
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That poor dog I hope she finds a good loving home. Any word on what they are doing to help her. If I could I would take in more but I am at my limit of dogs right now. That poor baby I hope her owners get what's coming to them.
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poor pup. any update on it?
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
poor pup. any update on it?
No sorry....I"m at work now........can't listen to the police scanner.......
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
He went over to peek inside and saw that the family had left thier dog behind!!!!!!!!
there are not nice words for those people...

bad behaviour..
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What a bunch of
I hope they are tracked down and given some jail time. How bad of a thing to put into a childs mind, that a pet is disposible. People are so stupid sometimes!
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Cases like this never cease to amaze and disgust me. What makes people think abandoning a pet is acceptable?
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that poor pup! I hope they get the pup out of there. some people are so inhumane when it comes to animals!!!
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What a shame is it a puppy Susie? I do not understand why people get them if they don't want to be responsible, It just burns me up, big bunch of jackas**Do you know if someone called on it or did you?
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Yes Lois, if you look at my first post, the neighbor called the police because he saw his former neighbors dog left in the empty house
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I can't believe a person would leave a pet behind. The first thing I think of when moving or basically doing anything is "what will I do with the cats, Oh I have to get home to feed the cats., Is the new place big enough for the cats"

I mean if you are moving and know you can't take the pet make arrangements for it, even if that consists of taking it to the SPCA or anything rather than letting it starve.
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Those people are real idiots!
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It's beyond me how some people can do things like that.

I hope to God they track down these idiots and they get what they deserve.

Some people just do not have the sense that God gave a grasshopper!
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At least the neighbour had the good sense to phone about it. I hope the dog is okay.

Some people are just too stupid to live.
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Just adding my voice to the many outraged posters who have already commented on this- any normal person would have realised that they had 'forgotten' their pet in a matter of minutes
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How in the world can someone do something like that, is beyond me!! Ugghh........theres just NO words for people like that.
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People like that don't deserve to have any pets! How would lthey like it if someone did that to them? That really steams me - no animal deserves to be treated that way. Poor little baby- so frightened! I hope someone adopts the poor pup into a loving home that it deserves!
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What the #@$@#$ is wrong with people?
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Poor thing. Even if it did have food and water, it still had no company or a place to go potty. The poor thing. I hope they catch whoever is responsible.
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What !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Susie, why not go get him/her?
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