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Okay, I've read the disclaimers, I realize this is not a casual endeavor to be entered into lightly, and I still want to do it. I am just retiring(MD practice) and I'll have the time. I own Devon Rex pets(neutered, of course), I love the Rex breeds, and would like to breed them seriously for show and sale, not as a hobby. I need recommendations for the right books on breeding, genetics,etc. I need to learn as much as I can about the breed. And I, of course, will need to get at least one cat. Would some kind person give me a nudge in the right direction?(hopefully, not in the opposite direction) BTW, I'll be doing this in the metro Atlanta area.
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There is a semi-retired vet in Augusta, GA, by the name of Dr. Bruce Gradous. If he has not completely retired by now, he may be a good resource. Breeders of some dogs come from Atlanta to use his services. He is an old country vet, no frills practice, and a wealth of information. His clinic is Springhill or something like that, listed in the Hepzibah, GA area. My family used him for years, the ones still in the area still do. It is not unusual to see purebred cats and dogs sitting in the waiting area alongside country mongrels and barn cats. This may or may not be of any help, but he may be able to steer you in the right direction. He is a wonderful, kind of goofy old fellow, to look at him you wouldn't think he was capable of tying his shoes, but he has a gift with animals. I hope this helps you.
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I would also look in a Cats or Cat Fancy magazine. Talk to a few breeders and try to find a mentor. That really is the best advice for anyone starting out. Each breed is different, so it's best to find someone who understands the genetics of that particular breed. There are also books out there such as Genetics for Cat breeders by Roy Robinson and the complete book of cat breeding by Dan Rice. They are pretty basic and help to get some good ideas.
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Thanks for the good advice. I think a mentor is an excellent idea.
I am new to forum communication, so forgive me if I do or say something clumsy
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