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Dixie got out!!! HELP!

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I'm really worried! I let my Dixie yesterday...and now she's gone! She and Skittles get out for an hour or so everyday to play inside of our fence (they have NEVER even thought of climbing over!!!!). I always keep a close eye on them, every ten minutes or so...she was out there everytime. Well, when I went to bring them in, Dixie was gone! I went out side the fence, ask the neighbors, spent THREE hours walking in the woods and just around in their(the neighbors) yard. The road is a good distance away, so that's not my concern...I guess I'm worried that some dog or something spooked her and she just kept running...Please I just need ideas or sucess stories or something! I can't sleep, I can't eat, and I am so worried that I have stayed sick...PLEASE. I can't stop crying. She is my baby and I watched her be born and all....she's only six months old!!! This is so horrible.

And one more question...My Skittles has NEVER been without her!!! And I when I'm not at home, I leave her in my bedroom so now she is by herself(well the parrot is still with her in there!)...and she is whinning when I come in! Will she be ok? She hardly eats since no Dixie...How long will it take her to get over this if, God forbid, Dixie doesn't come back...This is breaking my heart!!!! Gah, I miss my baby!

This is all my fault. I should have NEVER let her out. I am so not liking myself right now.
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First, keep calm, it won't help any of you if you panic, though I know that is the first reaction. Think yourself into Dixie's place, and what she might have done. There are lots of threads here about what to do if a cat goes missing. Put down some of her favourite food near where you think she might have climbed over the fence, and also a used litter box - the smell might attract her home. Good luck, it is the worst feeling and I hope you find her soon.
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Many vibes coming your way that Dixie shows up soon!
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Sending many prayers for Dixie's safe return
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This is a good site to go to for advice for missing cats. My cat Missy, escaped our yard on Dec. 5th, she finally came home on New Years Day!
We caught her yesterday, she is a former feral and she is going to the vet today for a checkup. That site has really good information on getting your cat back. I thought I would never see her again, and on New Years Day we walked out on the porch and there she was. She hadnt lost weight, and looked good. We had been leaving food out for her for the whole time and we think she may have been coming up and eating and we never saw her. I know how you feel, but dont give up. She is probably close by.
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Best of luck to you and your kitty, hoping she finds her way home soon.
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Princess I had to trap my cat twice and I can tell you that they normally will not run. What they do is get scared and hide under the nearest decent place they can find, like under the porch or crawl through a hole to get into a camper. Go outside at normal feeding time and shake the bag of food (or pop open the can) and make whatever noises you make when you feed her. If she ehars you this will keep her nearby. You can even try leaving food out in the early evening (but don't leave it all night or you get all kinds of critters).

Get a trap, maybe you can borrow one from the local humane society. Put it near your house with her food bowl and a piece of clothing you have worn. Try not to worry, a lot of cats come back or are successfully trapped by their owners.

Good luck and sending "come back kitty" vibes.
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Prayers are with your Dixie. May she come back very soon!
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Sending lots of vibes that Dixie stays safe and comes home soon.
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Sending lots of come home safe and sound vibes for Dixie
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Thanks everyone! You guys are so helpful and it makes me feel good to know that other kitties have been gone and returned home. I am NOT giving up hope that I'll see her again!

I went outside today and spent a couple of hours looking around. I walked all throught the woods...and since my grandpa is one of my neighbors, I took it upon myself to look under his camper and porch...even his vehicles. I had no luck, but...I didn't find her...dead either so, that is a good thing! She's also no where along the road. I checked. I think she is still alive(which yes, is the main thing)...I'm just worried someone kept her because she COULD have lost her collar(It's one of those 'snap realase' ones). I just want peice of mind, I suppose. I'll take her for a check-up WHEN she gets home. It's so cold out at night...

I have three outdoor only cats(feral cats) there is always food out if she wants to 'sneak' up and eat it. Hopefully, she remembers her way home.

Again, thanks x a million! And I am SO happy for those of you who lost kitties and they came home, safe and sound!!!

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awwww darling, I know exactly what your going through as my Cedar just disappeared for 3 nights. I know this is easier said than done but do not give up hope... I know I almost did but I am glad that I didnt.

The best time to look is in the early hours of the morning. Are you able to do that? Even if you just go sit outside and call Dixie calmly and listen. Listen intently. The only reason that Cedar was found was because I concentrate all of my effort on listening for the smallest of sounds and it was there.

Cats like to hide, especially if they are scared. If she got spooked she would of run too the nearest safe spot and then curled up. In the still of the night they are likely to call out to you when they hear your voice.

Talk to Dixie, talk to her all the time in a soft gentle voice. Tell her how much you love her and want her home. Connect with her on some level. I know it sounds quite silly but I believe it works. It worked with my Cedar.

Have you called the local shelters? put up flyers?

How are you holding up?
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I hope your Dixie comes home soon and is safe and thoughts and prayers are with you both
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Everyone here has given you such wonderful advice, please try anything, I am sending some prayers from Mississippi that she returns home soon and safely.
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Just checking in to see if there were any updates on Dixie.
Come home safe, sound and soon sweet girl.
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Night 4 and still nothing. I'm heart broken, but not losing hope. I miss her so much...I still can't shake the sick feeling I get when I look out, just wanting her to be there so I can bring her in and snuggle her. Skittles still whines, ALOT too..even though I have been giving her tons of attention.

Huggles: Thanks so much for the kind words. I will get up and go out in the morning, first thing. I could probably hear her if she moved...because there are so many leaves still laying around. I have not put up flyers, but I plan to Monday(I have to wait till' my dad goes back to work so he can print them out for me-I don't have a printer at home). The only problem is one of my outdoor babies follows me EVERYWHERE. He meows and I keep thinking it's her crunching leaves. I mean, I'm thankful for him, but I want my Dixie.

For everyone else, I REALLY REALLY appreciate the kind words! You guys are amazing and I really honestly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Hugs all the way around. THANKS SOOOO MUCH! (can't say enough how much it means to me!) I know my family is equally as worried as me, but to have you all as well...just thanks!!!
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I would definately try to borrow a humane trap and see about trapping her. Lots of people have successfully recovered their cat that way.

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I know exactly how you feel. I replied before in another post, our cat, a former feral went missing for 4 weeks. She came home on New Years Day.
I put food out for her everynight, and at night I would go out and call her softly and sit on the porch, its so quiet about 3 am and you can hear alot then. I also talked to all my neighbors and they were aware that she was missing and went to a missing cat site called Cats in the bag. They have such great info on missing cats. Lots of success stories. When I would get so down and worried I would go there and look on the forum they have and there were so many sucess stories and such good advice for looking for your cat it made me feel better. I would look everywhere I could, and leave some food for her. She may be coming and eating when you arent watching for her and slipping away again. Some people on the missing cat site put out food and had a camera set up to see if their cats were coming and eating. Some of them saw that their cat was coming in the middle of the night, eating and then leaving again till the next night. I put out mackeral and tuna, and her regular dry food too. I know the people in my neighborhood thought I had lost my mind, cause I was always looking for her, but I didnt care, I looked anyway. Ask people to look in their sheds, garages, etc. to see if she may have hidden in there. I put the link to the site on my other post, its a great help. I sure hope you find your kitty, I know how you feel, that sick feeling your talking about. Dont give up though! My thoughts are with you!
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Still sending prayers from Mississippi that she comes home soon.
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