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Originally Posted by cupcake1234516 View Post
I think i seen her take maybe one bite of food allday so that might be a sign to lol im prayin and my fingers are crossed
Cupcake....since you are still in waiting mode....I wanted to check to see what type of litter you are using. Since you are going to have mom and wee kittens in a room for an extended period of time, the recommendation is to switch to a clay or biodegradable brand (such as feline pine). Have you switched her over to one of those yet?

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Cupcake - can you feel the kittens moving? Couldn't remember if you said you did. If I remember correctly they get REALLY active before birth.
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Cupcake, are we grandparents yet? Is everything OK?
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how's it going?????????
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No babies yet....Sorry i am still waitin and the babies are very active they have been for about 2 and a half weeks thats why o thought she should be having them soon well ill write more im headed to the store to get her some treats to see if she will eat them she has only eat a couple bited today so ill be back
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I know you mentioned that you took Kali to the vets, did he/she say that Kali was OK?

This seems to be going on for a longer time than was planned, and I am worried about Kali being able to give birth if the babies are too big.

I don't want to make YOU worry, but do you think you could call the vet and let him/her know that we have no babies yet? I sure would hate to have you and Kali have a caesarian.
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I was wondering the same thing, I'd hate to have Kali get sick from carrying them too long.
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Originally Posted by cupcake1234516 View Post
Yeah i think she is gettin close but not close enough...lol it feels like it has been 5 months and it has only been about i want to say 61 days.so soon very soon.

This is a post from cupcake on the 4th. So if she was exact Kali is only at about 67 days. So she is about right on time still. She may be a few days either way, so I think she isn't so far over to worry about yet. I know it is hard waiting and always seems to take longer then it acually does
but I don't think there is any concern of her being over as of yet. Let's hope not any way.
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Ahhhh, thank you very much. We really are concerned. You are great.
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Cupcake, are we OK?
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no babies yet sorry it took so long my son was sick and i had to take him to the hospital lastnight but he is ok and now back to kali no babies yet maybe by this weekend lets pray ladies
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Hi sweetie. Hope your boy is OK. Is Kali OK? Boy, we have a bunch of mother hens here just waiting.......and waiting.......and waiting.....
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Nothing yet im still waiting and im not very patient my husband said he thinks she will have them by the end of the weekend so maybe he is right he was right the last time she had babies so i hope he is right....Ill post more when i get back have to run to the store
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glad your littlen is alright , lol typical of a cat to keep there owners waiting lol
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Well i was thinkin what if i have my dates wrong but the vet said anyday now so i must be right....she looks so uncomfortable i cant stand it.....i dont know what to do for besides give her love and pet her...but i will post more if anything happens:confused:
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aww when lilly had her babys she was so fed up she use to sigh alot. but when it did happen on day 63 it was well worth it. but now she is happly spayed. even if she has turned into a gurmps.
but remember if your at any point worried dont hessiate to phone the vets.
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Hugs for you and Kali.
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hugs hugs hugs - i've never been through this so you better post some pictures when it happens!
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Dont worry there will be plenty of pics and i will post everytime she has one and everything that is happening her bed is right next to my puter so i have everything ready gloves a sucker for the noses everything u can think of i have it lol so ill keep you posted
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Nothing still she is hidin in the dresser now but ill keep you ladies up dated
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Well i checked Kalis temp and it was 98.5 so thats a sign and then she kept licking her vulva so i wiped it and there was pink on the tissue so maybe thats a sign to ill keep you updated
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Well, sweetie, any news? Any babies? How are YOU doing? lol
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Nothing yet i thought for sure it was goin to be lastnight but her temp went back to 100 but there was pink when i wiped her so i dont know i am gettin worried a lil
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Well honey, if you get too worried, call your vet and just tell him/her what is going on.

That will help you to relax and it will help Kali to relax also. Hang in there, honey.
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God, this is like watching water boil.
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Yeah it is like watchin water boil but the only thing is it nevers starts to boil....so i am sittin here waiting for it to start to happen....and she has shown some signs she had some pink discharge lastnight and to me it seemed to be contractions so maybe soon
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i'm praying for everything to be ok.
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Honey, did you call the vet and let him/her know that we had a discharge last night, but no kits yet?

I hate waiting for water to boil.
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yes i did and he said she is fine she will be having them soon and very soon plus she had some yellowish discharge with a tint of brown in it about an hour ago and when i wipe her she growls at me and she even bit me for no reason so maybe this is a signand meows very loud i am goin to call the vet tomorrow and tell them i want her to be seen tomorrow
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Darlin, if what you are describing is all happening, she is having those babies either tonight or early in the morning (they don't believe in rushing these things and most will wait until around Oh-Gawd!-thirty AM to start). Just remember to breathe and like I have said to you in PM, if she is straining and pushing without delivering a kitten, get her in. But other than that, my guess is that she will go along just fine.
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