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Shes had a very big litter and must be exhausted! I hope she doesnt have anymore or you will be up to your neck in cats...lol!

Please post pictures as soon as you can pry your eyes away from those beautiful kits!
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wow so the count is 7 ?
getting lost through all of this lol. i bet your glad the waiting is over lol
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phew, 7!!! that's huge. i hope all the kitties are doing well.
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All the kits are doing good and so is mommy! I am goin to post pics later after i give them time to nurse pics real soon...Thanks for all the help you ladies have given me
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Wow! She had 7! I can't wait for pics. 7 little elephants will be parading thru the place in about 4 weeks. Enjoy the peace while you got it, it won't last Once they start getting around theres no stopping them! Give Kali chin scratches from me!
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Aw - congrats. Did she eat all those placentas? She would probably appreciate some food & water - I brought that to Elsa because she didn't seem to want to move very far from the kits at first. Can't wait for pics!
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Well cupcake, you and Kali handled this like the troopers you are!!!!!

Congratulations from KittenKiya's Clan.

Soooothing headbuts and calming licks for all.
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Congratulations!! I'm glad everything went smoothly, even if you had to wait a bit.

I can't wait to see pictures. Give her some headrubs for me!
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I've never actually 'witnessed' a birth - was it pretty gross? did you have to help alot? or did kali want you out!
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I'll bet mom is pooped. Does she seem to have enough milk for everyone? I'll bet you're tired too. Lots of hugs.
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Wow congrats! I bet you're glad the babies finally came. I have been following your saga for the last week. Can't wait to see pics
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Wow! 7 kittens for Kali and grand-meowmy!

Congrats, and keep up posted on how everyone is doing!
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This is Kali and the kits


This is the kits

This is 3 of them beautiful

This is the one with 7 6 and 5 toes lol

I am sorry if it is blurry when my friend comes over she will take pics with her cam and then i will post more
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thank you thank you! they are beautiful!
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Aww, what little sweethearts
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how cute! I am so glad I didn't see this thread before or I would have had lots of sleepless nights! Holy cow Seven babies! Good luck to you and Mommy. How many are you keeping?
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Oh Look at those sweet kittens. I can't wait to see more pics!
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AWWW! So worth the wait and sleepless nites! They are too cute I am glad she was able to carry and deliver 7 kittens without any problems.
Are you keeping any? I have always liked polydactals (double pawed/extra toed) kitties, but have never had one, LOL! Keep those pictures comming, we love them
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It's wonderful to see that mom and babies are all doing well.

Now maybe YOU can get some sleep.

Congratulations again.
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here is a pic of Kali and the babies

and a pic of the babies hope you enjoy them

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My gosh they are enormous! Poor Kali!
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OH MY! Look at those little porkers! They are big, fat , healthy little guys aren't they? Can't wait for more pics as they grow and change.
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awww there lovely , well done both of you lol.
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really cute!
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Awww...they are sweet!
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They are just adorable and they sure look like chubby little buggers!
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They're adorable!!!!
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how adorable they are congrats!
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Oh my gosh!! Look how chubby and simply adorable they are! I'm just in love with the little orange babies!
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Which one is the poly?
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