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Anya's Christmas Vacation

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Just a couple of pics from Anya's Christmas vacation. Nothing too exciting, but I thought they were cute nonetheless.

Here she is checking out the room at her grandmother and granddaddy Ward's house in Virginia. (I totally forgot to take pics at my parents in Georgia...)

I was piled up reading a book and she decided to keep me company. The pic is not really in focus that great, but I love it anyway.

We were playing with one of her new toys and she hopped into her carrier to hide from it before she attacked. It was a relief to me because it made me see that the trip hadn't traumitized her to the point where she despised her carrier.

This last one was just a good shot that I had to share. Can you believe my little baby girl is already almost 8 months old?

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very nice pics. and i am glad to hear she did ok with the trip
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Oh Anya you are precious! Glad she enjoyed her cross country trip!
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That last picture is just gorgeous!
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Thanks guys!
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Glad you had a good trip. Cute pic's of your little girl. She's a beauty!
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She's a real Cutie and I'm glad your travels were good
I doubt that I could take all 8 of mine and the dog to
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She seemed to do so good on your trip. That's great. She is getting huge and she's beautiful!
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Yeah, my family was asking me if she's part Maine Coone. She's going to be a big kitty.
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What a gorgeous girl! I'm not sure if it's just me, or the angle of the pics, but her tail looks really long!
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Yeah she's got a LOOOOOOONG tail! She's a very gorgeous kitty!
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What a beautiful girl glad to hear she travelled so well
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