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[quote=gailuvscats;1499422}I've waited for my rx to be filled, I see what they are doing, and I can't believe they make that much money! That is not to start is it?

I know it's hard to believe, but yes... they do make that much money. I have a friend who just signed on with CVS for 105K a year plus a sign-on bonus. There is even a bigger shortage of pharmacists than there are nurses, and it is a six-year degree. They are compensated well. As I said, I feel like I'd be over-prepared to be a retail pharmacist, but that is where the money is. Clinical positions, drug company positions, etc... all pay less and require more education... either formal or in the form of a residency.

I don't mind providing good customer service... I'm actually quite good at it (You must be thinking of that one thread not too long ago ). That is part of retail that I like and can handle fairly well. It's the doing the same thing over and over again, and standing in basically the same spot all day, that drives me crazy. I'm not well-suited to standing in one place and checking my technician's work for 8 straight hours... and calling doctors when they make a mistake, or calling insurance companies when there's a problem....

Thanks for your replies, guys... I really appreciate it. I just wish my bachelor's could help me out here... but really, there's nothing I can do with that without more school. I have criteria much like another poster said... 2 years more or less, make decent money, like what I do.

If anyone has any other ideas, I'm all ears!
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Don't get into something just because of the money. Do you really want to spend the next 30 years of your life doing something you don't like? Nurses get paid pretty well around here. Making 50k may not be as much as the 90k that pharmacists make around here- but it is a heck of a lot better than what most people make in this area. If you move to the Southwest you could easily be looking at 90k or more as a flight nurse. Nurse practitioners do very well, as do travelling nurses. Teaching, research, case management, administration, direct care, prescribing medicines- all of these things are in high demand. There are so many types of nursing- nurse anaesthetist is another interesting field that involves medication. You could look at Physician Assistance too. They make good money and have a very interesting job.
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The only advice I have to offer is this - whatever you decide to do, ask yourself if it makes you happy enough to get up every morning for the rest of your life and do that job.

As for nurses, my SIL is a geriatric nurse and she truly loves those old people. One time she had to call a doctor in to pronounce the time of death and when she moved this dear old person, she let her arm slip and immediately said "Sorry, dear". The doctor said if she was that way with them when they had passed, how must she treat them when they were alive. She gives nurses a good name. I also want to say that when my mom was in palliative care a couple years ago, the nurses that cared for her were wonderful. They made it easier for her and also for us. They spoke to us each time we visited to update us on her condition. One of them would stay and listen to mom's ramblings in the wee hours of the morning and told us that mom just wanted to get a lot of things out before going home to her maker and just needed someone to listen. When mom passed, we sent a gift basket to the nurses station and thanked them for being so kind.

We've never forgotten those wonderful women and just last evening when we had occasion to visit emergency with DH, he said, "Do you remember when your mom was here and how great they were with her?".

If you have that kind of heart, we would be gaining a true gem in the nursing profession and whoever was in your care would be blessed to have you.

There are many rewards other than money. A good feeling in your heart of a job well done has no set value - it is priceless.
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