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My cat Ebony has been throwing up her food lately, and I don't know what is wrong, or what to do. I haven't changed brands, or amounts on her. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would greatly appericiate it. Thanks!
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What is her age, have you seen any hairballs? She might have a blockage form the hairball. there are lubricating pastes that might help if that is the case. buy it from the vet or a pet store. Try not for the grocery stoer brand.
Otherwise a vet visit might be in order.
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Including her age, can you tell us what the brand and flavor of the food is, and is it wet food or dry or both? How soon after eating does she throw up? Have her eating habits changed? Has her weight changed? Has her stool changed? Any other changes or symptoms?
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Is she eating quickly? Slowly? Is she lethargic? Still perky? Is she drinking?
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