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male or female cat whats better to get?

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Ok we are going to look at cats tomarrow my mom wants a young one and she heard that females are more likely to get along better than males?? Is that true? We already have 2 females and 1 male so its what would go best and now she is second guessing what she is going to get?? I always though its how u raised them and everything any input is greatly appreciated my mom however does want a solid gray almost but once she sees the cats who knows what we will come home with....hopefully the right one we have dogs so thats a must and the lady who is rescueing all these cats has a german shepard mix and she said there is one cat that loves dogs...but see it also has to love cats! Isnt just a myth about males and females my mom wants some help so i said ill ask everyones opinions on here so any input, advice, experience is greatly greatly appreciated...we will just have to see who she falls in love with !!
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When I got Bakker a couple of yrs ago I already had 2 females and 1 male. I was actually looking for an older cat but this scrawny tuxedo keep on crawling up my leg!! So he was the winner for me.
I would go in with an open mind-I look for personality and health first!!
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Its hard to say..I think its whatever cat loves you most and wants YOU. When I went to get Trout, I wanted a male cat...but the male cats didn't take to me at all like Trout did....FEMALE IT IS
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Female cats are actually the more territorial, if you already have adult, resident females, I would go with a male.
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I have one male one female and they get along great. I have a freind that has a couple females they tend to snuggle together, but they also fight a bit too. I think it compleetly fepends on what kitty you fall in love with when you are looking.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Female cats are actually the more territorial, if you already have adult, resident females, I would go with a male.
This is what I've heard as well and I tend to agree - to a point. I've got 4 females, 1 male and I've had a couple of fosters in between both male and female. Introducing a baby to my females has been fine. A bit of hissing and spitting, but I think they know it's a baby. Introducing a male at pretty much any age has also been fine for me - they're just different. Introducing a female that's been a bit older (and by older I mean 1 year) was disastrous for me - both times. It could have been just a fluke thing, but females, adults, stuck in their ways, queens - they never meshed right and I had to send them both to other fosters. Just my opinion.
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I have two and two. The boys get along famously but we got them when they were relatively little (between 6 mos and a year) then added the girls one at a time and they were a year (or older) old or so each and the one gets along with both males but the other doesn't get along with anyone. I guess it just depends. Cats are finicky and tempremental that way, that's why I love them!
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I have ALL males here (including the bird and dog ) I've have 2 females in my whole life... Oreo and Reilly...The females seemed to distance themselves from the males... I think it's a whole "I'm better then you" thing... but then again isn't that all cats?
I think it's what cat picks YOU... Go for personality and health like mentioned before
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2 boys and 2 girls here.......both my oldest girl, Trixie and my oldest boy, Tiggy, think they're queen/king of the house though! They get into it more than anyone, but it's not constant. For the most part, we're a happy family!
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My girls want nothing to do with my boys.

On the other hand, my boys play with each other all day and stay like this all night:

I vote boys! They're the best
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I'd probably say a boy would be better too.
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I don't think the gender matters..imo anyways.. if the cat likes you and you like the cat, adopt the cat. good luck!! I have 2 boys and they get along just fine.
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