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Many hugs and prayers coming to you , Rob and Nakita's way.
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I'm adding my hugs, vibes, & kisses to Nakita to everyone else's.
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Many good vibes coming from here for you and Nakita.
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Aww, poor you. I know how hard that emotional rollercoaster is, and I am sending lots of vibes and hugs to you, and praying for positive news for the pair of you.
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Stay strong Kass. I think on some level Nakita knows you're trying to help her, even if she doesn't always want to go along with the program.
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I'm sorry Nakita and you have to go through all of this, my heart breaks for both of you, here are some hugs for both of you
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Sending hugs from Mississippi to you.

I like to hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Kass & Nakita heres lots & lots of hugs n stuff from all of us
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Hugs from all of us here too
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Lots of hugs from us
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...))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((
you and Nakita are in my thoughts!
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You most certainly can have some hugs and vibes
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Of course you can! Hugs and headbutts for you and Nakita!
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I'm adding my hugs to the rest, and continuing to send positive vibes your way!
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Hug account need to be topped up yet? Here's a few more...
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Here's a few more for today!

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I am sending lots of hugs to you and Nakita! I hope she's feeling better soon.
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Sending many hugs and vibes to you and Nakita!
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