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please help me

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i am about as stressed out about my cats than i have ever been. sami who lives in the bedroom has been getting in the floor. which she befor would jump from bed to other furniture. she would not get in the floor. i thought this is good. she's not scared anymore. well now she will sniff the other cats in front of the door. they are starting to hang out by the door and sniff eachother. they are growling and hissing. i can't take this. i don't know what to do. i know sami needs a new home. it would probally relieve alot of stress from my other cats and myself. but we love sami. and she has the bathroom problems sometimes. i am afraid no one would have the patience with her i would have and she would end up being mistreated or in a shelter. so i sit here about to cry with sturdy in here with me. a no kill shelter is not an option. even nice people might get mad at her if she was to pee. i can't put her outside. she would for sure get hit. i feel so helpless. what do i do? i am desperate for help or a salution.

i just let sturdy out to see where he would go. strait to sami's door. creeping very slow. he's back in here with me.
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Sami would be perfect for a no kill shelter. They will keep her until they find a person who will be patient with her. Also, chances are pretty good that if she was in a home with no other cats, she wouldn't have the potty problems any more. She likely has these problems because she is so scared. Put yourself in her place...where would you rather be if you were that scared? Locked in a room with growling and hissing people on the other side of the door or in another home where you could go where ever you wanted without being attacked and harassed.

I think you need to decided whether you are keeping Sami so she will be happy or whether you are keeping her so that you will be happy. If it is so you will be happy...just look in the mirror...you sure don't sound happy to me. In fact you sound very distraught, distressed, and depressed about the situation. So...neither you nor Sami are benefitting from the relationship. I apologize for being so blunt, but both you and Sami sound so very miserable that I think it is time for you to take a chance and find her a new home. But...that's just my opinion.

Give it some thought. There is a no-kill shelter in Metropolis...just across the bridge from Paducah. They can help you figure out how to help Sami. Or, you can call the Humane Society in Paducah for help.
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i know sami needs a home with no other cats. it would break my heart to give sami up. but if i knew she would be loved no matter what, i would. no way would i take her to the humaine society. i have talked to them befor. an animal has 5 days to be adopted or its put to sleep. there is usually a long waiting list for the no kill shelter. i have talked to them too. i've been letting sturdy out about every 10 minutes to see if he goes back to her door. he does. slowly creeping. nothing would make me more happy than to find her a loving home where she could run free. yes i would cry and be hurt, but when you love someone you do whats best for them.
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Just a suggestion. Until you are able to re-home Sammi, take a can of lemon-scented air freshener and spray the outside of the door on the floor near where the aggressors are lurking. They will stay away from lemon-scented odors and the spray will not hurt either your floor or door.

I am in full agreement with lotsocats. Sammi needs to find a place where there are no other cats to worry about. Good luck.
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hissy, all i had that was lemon scent was furniture polish. well i sprayed both sides of the door and a couple of feet in front of both sides of the door. i think i sprayed too much. it worked!!!!!sturdy tried to go to the door and stopped and smelled the lemons! he sat there sveral feet from the door and went on! and friend tried to go to the door and immediatly turned around. if i buy some lemons and sit that in front of the door will that work? thank you hissy! you have calmed my nerves. i thought about making a flyer and putting it at my vets office.
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About the Lemons the answer is probably not, Since they are so smart I am sure they will find a way to move them. Stick with the lemon secented air freshner. Howabout some stick-ups you know the the round dispensers with airfreshner that you can stick to anything. Buy a couple and stick them on the door. That way you don't have to constantly re-spray.

Good luck to you and Sami!
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Just another suggestion with the citrus spray. I happen to have 2 cats that live with my daughter because one has pancreatitis and the other is a HUGE bully. We had the same problem and my husband went to the hardware store and bought the weather stripping for the bottom of the door. It eliminates the large crack under the door.
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i will have my husband get some weather stripping. that sounds like a good idea. i told him we need to find sami a home. he said we can't do that. i said why? he said because our daughter. it is her bedroom sami lives in. we switched room a couple of months ago. what he does'nt want to say is it would hurt him too bad he love sami sooo much. sami was more his baby until sox took over. so.we'll see how it goes. sami was acting crazy last night! having a great time playing. she is not scared. it's the others who are not used to her being close enough to smell her. my main worry is sturdy jumping on someone else. he has stayed away from the door now. i love my cats so much. we are not gonna give up on them. we have made it this far. please pray for the best for me.
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I am sure it will work out just fine with time. We are the same way with our two. It's impossible for them to live with the rest of the group, but in my daughters room, they get lots of love from the people they know, plenty of food and water and they seem to be happier now than when they were out and about.
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i just thought i'd let everyone know i think i discovered why after all these months my cats started this. well my daughters room is a mess! i finally demanded it cleaned!! after clolthes were picked up after being piled up there was a stink! sami peed on her clolthes! i just know they smelled it where i could not. i cleaned the whole carpet on my hands and knees. i threw away the shorts she peed on. her room is lemony fresh and no cats have been at the door! yeah!
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I'm jumping in at a late date, here, but we are all fans of a happy ending! It sure sounds like you might have nipped this one.

Don't know if you used an enzyme-based cleaner, but just wanted to make sure... as you obviously know, kitties can smell what we can't. If there are no further problems, then you needn't worry about it, but just in case... I wanted to make sure you know that there are cleaners made specifically to get rid of cat-pee smell. I think they sell it in supermarkets, but for sure in any pet store. They have enzymes in them that break it down. When the area is washed, you put the enzyme-cleaner on it, let it SOAK THROUGH to the floor boards. You blot it after 10 minutes, and that's it. It breaks down the smells we can't detect, but the kitties can.

Just wanted to make sure you have the info in case you need it.

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Just wondering-
Can you give us an update on Sami and your other kitties?

I may soon have two four-month old kittens and four five-week-old kittens all indoors. This is interesting to me!

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well, things are calmer. sami has not peed anywhere except her box. i do squirt them with my water bottle if they go any where near the door. they know they are not to be around the door. what i need to help releive my stress and my cats stress is a bigger house! i am in an average 2 bedroom apt. all one level. where we lived befor it was upstairs and downstairs, which made all the difference. keep in mind i have 6 cats. what about the 7th in cozy? he died 6 months ago to liver failure. that is what brought me here.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of one of your kitties. The Cat Site is such a wonderful place, isn't it? It and everyone have been so helpful to me!

Just wanted you to know, we have two indoor-only kitties, and we live in the equivalent of a small studio apartment. Your Sami will be just fine, and apparently very happy, in your daughter's room (so long as she keeps it a little neater than before - as a kid, you had to "wade" through my room! The closet was all the way at the end of the room for goodness sake! :tounge2

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thanks laurie, his name was sox. and i would give up everything i own and live in a dump to have him back. but you could not give me all the money in the world to relive that night or the pain again. there have been positive things come out of it. like making freinds here. right? thanks
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We just rescued our two kitties, so hopefully I won't have to deal with that kind of pain for a long, long time. But so many others here at The Cat Site having had to face the loss of their truly loved kitties, something that Whisker's Mom wrote to someone who was dealing with the pain of loss has stuck in my head. Maybe you'll find it comforting, too.

All I can say now is: Another star is born.

Whenever I've lost someone I loved dearly, I would sneak outside in the dark and gaze at the sky. No doubt, one star would always shine brighter than the others and catch my attention. It then became "the star" of that certain person. Perhaps, one night, when you are ready, maybe you should gaze up into the sky...[Sox] may just have a special "twinkle" just for you.
Look for Sox twinkling for you. He misses you, too.


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awwwww. your too sweet! that brought tears to my eyes. i do beleive he watches over us. thank you
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